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Fashion/Style Friday: Ten Tips For Sprucing Up Your Home On A Budget!

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Cicely C. Mitchell

Spring is in the air just as a renewed feeling of joy, enlightenment and freshness! With those feelings come a great home that speaks of the glory of spring! But what if you are looking to create a wonderful oasis and you are a bit strapped for cash? No need to worry. Here are ten tips that will allow you and your home to sing the splendor of spring and not miss a note!

1. Color!
Sometimes all a home needs are freshly painted walls! If you are so inclined to paint a room yourself, check with your local home improvement store for great deals on paint! Painting a room is one of the least expensive ways to make the most impact. If painting all the walls is still not a real cost effective way for you, then just paint one accent wall. Or, paint the ceiling!! A little dramatic bold and bright color go a long way!

2. Declutter!
Declutter! Spring cleaning is a great excuse to declutter, organize and make sense out of spaces in your home and your closet! Get rid of out-dated and unused items and instantly your room will feel fresh and clean and be more functional! Also, what is one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure so donate those items to others in need!


3. Take A Shopping Trip In Your Home!
Reusing items you already own but in a different way is a great and less expensive way to make a change By taking the time to go “shopping” in your own home, you move accessories, artwork and maybe even furniture from one room to another!

4. Have a Party With your Furnishings and Things!
Another great way to not spend any money is to recycle your things. Why not have a party with your friends who also want to spruce for less?! Have everyone bring art, accessories, throw pillows , tables, chairs or even furniture that they no longer want or need. Then, you take theirs and they take yours. Not only will you enjoy your “new” items, but when you visit their home, it will feel even more familiar with known pieces.

5. When in Doubt, Bling it Out!
How about some jewels on your closet handle or changing the knobs on kitchen, bathroom doors to jeweled knobs! You will be surprised at what a little “bling” can do for you and your home! Knobs and pulls are like jewelry for our cabinets, and just like any great outfit, the accessories can make the difference. so update those knobs, handles and pulls—from brass to brushed nickel, or polished chrome to oil-rubbed bronze. A little bling may be just what your kitchen or bathroom cabinets need. And if your cabinetry does not currently have any hardware, consider adding a little!


6. A Clean Home is a New Home!
Sometimes our home just needs a good scrub down. From washing cabinets to bathtubs or other areas in the home. When you have a clean home, you have a new home! Mop that kitchen floor with a brand new cleaner you have been wanting to try. Or Dust those shelves that house your CDs and DVDs and just arrange them in a fun and festive way! Take a moment to just clean you home and then step back and see how wonderful, new and fresh you home feels!

7. Just a Flip Will Do!
Sometimes it is all about perspective and when it comes to home furnishings. So if you are looking to breathe new life into that bedroom or that living room, all it takes is simply rearranging the furniture or moving that table to another location in order to have a sense of freshness and renewed spirit in a room! And while you are at it, change out those pillows and color coordinate your room with new, fresh and bold colors! Just take time to rearrange a room and absorb how wonderful it feels to have things in a different and wonderful place!

8. Just a Little Goes a Long Way!
Furniture comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes and what a joy it is to know that sometimes the most inexpensive pieces can make the biggest impact! Check out those local resale shops and pick up those end tables that are just perfect for your bedroom! Or replace that old lamp with a new one from someone selling a wonderful lamp online! And hey… negotiation is sometimes key! You don’t have to spend a lot to have a lot!

9. Repair those little things!
Are the legs on that chair in need of repair? Is that table lopsided? You will be surprised what a little repair can do for your senses! Take time to repair pieces that are broken in the home and allow your peace of functioning furniture to take over!

10. Let The Upgrade Begin!
If you own your home, you can do simple things such as change the faucets in your bathroom or kitchen. If you rent an apartment or a property, check with your landlord and see what you are able to change without having to pay fees. But if that faucet is just not “speaking spring” to you, change it out! Grab that handy man of a friend and head over to your home improvement store and see what fixtures are on sale! You are bound to find great sales there as well as online! Folks are selling just about everything these days and nothing is off limits!


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