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Health/Beauty Wellness Wednesday: The Art Of Shampooing

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Did you know that there is an art to washing your hair? It is true. There are certain basic principles that must be followed to ensure you are successfully using those suds. So this Health/Beauty Wellness Wednesday, we will talk about the basics when it comes to washing your hair correctly.

1. What Is Too Much When It Comes To Your Gorgeous Tresses?
Many experts and professionals agree that for many, there is no harm in shampooing your hair every day. Although many professionals do make the argument that you are washing away your natural oils and nutrients should you opt to wash your hair daily, it is based upon lifestyle and texture of hair. So if you have question, visit your doctor or stylist and find out the best course of action for you. If you are one that works out daily and you work up a sweat, chances are that you are sweating in your hair and on your scalp.That sweat does need to be cleansed out of the hair and scalp. So talk to an expert and see what is best for you and your hair when it comes to a washing regimen.

2. A Little Goes A Long Way
Let’s face it. Americans love to lather up when it comes to shampooing hair. The length and texture of your hair determines how much shampoo you should use. If you have hair that is extremely long, then a “few quarter sizes” of shampoo should give you a great clean. You may also opt to wash your hair about twice for those long tresses. If you have hair that comes to your shoulders, then that “quarter size” may give you a great clean as well. For many of us, a quarter size or a half-dollar size of shampoo in our palms will give us a great clean. Using lots of shampoo does not guarantee that your hair will be cleaner. Talk to a stylist and find out what is best for you when it comes to the “sizing out your soap.”

3. Tap Into Cool Water!
Did you know that washing your hair with hot water actually strips your hair of nutrients? When washing your hair, keep your water warm to tepid. When washing with that last rinse, keep water cool. Using water that is hot or scalding can “cook” your hair. You do not want to be a “hot head” so keep the water cool to simply get it squeaky clean. Your hair is a gentle organ that can get dirty but can be cleansed with cool water. Hot water on the hair is not healthy and will not promote healthy hair growth so when washing your hair just remember to “keep it cool”.

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4. Baking Soda For That Ultimate Clean!
So are you looking for that extra cleansing while shampooing your hair? Consider using baking soda. Did you know that baking soda helps break down daily build up? If you use styling products on your hair daily such as mousse, hair spray or gel, you are subject to build up on your hair. Baking soda mixed with your shampoo gently breaks down that build up so your hair is cleaner and healthier. Baking soda also allows your shampoo to work harder to cleanse that hair.

5. Air Dry That Hair!
If it is possible for you to do so, air dry your hair after that wonderful shampoo. Putting heat on your hair is causing stress. So air dry that hair and allow your hair to breathe.

6. Read Labels and Talk To Others
Many hair shampoos on the market offer a vitamins and nutrients within in them for strong and clean hair. So make sure you are reading labels. One great tip I heard from a stylist is: “If you cannot pronounce it, should you put it in your hair?”

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