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Texas City Residents Band Together To Sue BP

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A class-action suit has been filed against the BP Chemical Plant in Texas City. (Credit: Getty Images)

More than 50,000 people in Texas City have joined a class-action suit against BP.  They say emissions released by BP after a deadly explosion made them ill.

People in Texas city who are suing BP say they got sick back in 2010 from a 41-day emissions release from a refinery that was the scene of a deadly explosion.

BP maintains the emissions did not harm anyone. But attorney Tony Buzbee who is representing some 25,000 people in this legal battle says he intends to prove otherwise.

He believes he has plenty of ammunition to make his case. “Well besides the fact that I have more than 25,000 clients of my own that have doctor records proving that they suffered ill health effects and also in some cases urine tests showing that benzene was in their urine,” Buzbee said. We can also show that the level at which they released those chemicals were above what any governmental agency says is healthy.”

Texas has also sued BP over the release, which occurred as BP was battling the catastrophic oil spill in Gulf of Mexico.

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