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Texas UFO Sightings: Glowing Lights Over Katy, Dog Chases Alien in Abilene

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From The Woodlands to Huntsville, Katy to San Angelo, seven UFO sightings were reported over Texas skies in the last week. NEWS 92 FM has scoured the files of the Mutual UFO Network to bring you the following dispatches:

A local man and avid photographer was taking pictures of the sunset with his iPad on November 3rd when he captured images of a glowing green sphere in the sky. The man said he and wife, Suzi, said they observed the  acorn-shaped unidentified flying object around 5:30 p.m., as it flew back and forth, up and down at a high rate of speed. Despite being in close proximity with a small airport,  the couple says they know it was not an airplane. The man says the craft had a row of lights, and later joined with a “cloaked large object” he described as being a “larger disk.” See more in our Sightings gallery below.

Rising Star
A dog owner said he sent his dog to chase a tall, silver being he spotted on November 3rd, moving across a pasture in front of his home. The creature, spotted near Abilene, “took off running from the dog.” The eyewitness said it looked human at first, but then noticed it appeared taller and had a “lanky, silvery” appearance. The humanoid disappeared from view, and the dog came back unharmed.

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A V-shaped object flew over a house near Waco last Saturday around 10 p.m., as the eyewitness was sitting on the porch of their guest residence. The UFO is described as having 4 or 5 lights on each side with “no apparent front/center light.” What appeared at first to be multiple craft was part of one larger object. The craft moved slowly without sound, the eyewitness reports.”I jumped off the porch as it went over the house because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and ran into the yard to get a better look.” The UFO continued south and out of sight. A call to the TSTC airport in the area revealed no aircraft was flying that evening.  The sighting lasted approximately 15 seconds.

An eyewitness reported seeing a star-like light traveling in an oval pattern last Sunday over the Richardson-Plano area. The sighting lasted approximately 10 seconds before it disappeared.

An eyewitness practicing archery observed a fiery object in the sky last Saturday near Waco. He originally believed the UFO, seen around 5:45 p.m., was a firework, but questioned its origin when he realized there was no sound, visual effect or smoke trail accompanying the sighting. The object traveled in a straight path, and appeared to be falling. “It appeared that the object was close to the ground because I waited to hear it crash, but I never heard any sounds or felt any vibrations,” he reported.

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San Angelo
An eyewitness grabbed his camera to capture the contrail of what he believed might be a missile test on camera on Monday, but got a UFO in the process. While military aircraft is common with Goodfellow Air Force Base nearby, the rising column of smoke was “beautiful,” but uncommon as it moved vertically at a 90 degree angle. While the sky became too dark to capture the dissipating contrail, a lower flying object was shot above the trees. “I have also seen in the past on two occasions floating yellow lights that wink in and out and assumed military flair or something,” he said. “But hard not to think of UFO.” You can see this photo and more in our Sightings gallery below.

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The Woodlands
An eyewitness who was driving in their car shortly after 5 p.m. Wednesday spotted a stationary object in a cloudless sky. The UFO, which was captured in a photo, was observed for about five minutes but did not move. You can see this photo and more in our Sightings gallery below.

Another dog owner reports he saw an unidentified aircraft on Thursday morning, travelling rapidly along a contrail from another plane. The object appeared to blend into the sky at times. The eyewitness said the craft was oval, white or silver in color, a featured a “slightly flattened bottom”. The sighting lasted for a mere few seconds before disappearing.

Universal City
Twenty orbs were reported flying outside of San Antonio Friday night around 10:30 p.m., according to MUFON. No other information is available at this time.

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Where to Report Your UFO Sightings

MUFON is a non-profit corporation dedicated to investigating UFO sightings. Volunteers collect thousands of reports and conduct field investigations each year. Visit their website to read more UFO reports.

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