3 Ways to Use Screen Recording to Create Business Videos

Want to come up with some great content for your business, or maybe even a marketing video? Did you know that you don’t need a camera to do that, and could create impressive business videos using screen recording to capture video footage straight off your screen?

Exploring the potential of screen recording could be extremely beneficial to your business. In fact if you want to know a few ways you can use screen recording to create business videos, just keep reading:

  • Create how-to guides or demonstration

The most popular way that screen recording is used to create business videos is to use it to record footage of software or any other types of digital products. Because screen recording allows you to record footage from your screen, you’ll have everything you need to create how-to guides or demonstrations.

If you opt to create how-to guides, you should keep it non-promotional and at most show the product or service in use. On the other hand with demonstrations you can fully explore the features of the product and let viewers know what makes it unique.

  • Capture video interviews

Another great type of content that can be created using screen recording is expert interviews. Instead of trying to work through the logistics of a face-to-face interview, you could conduct the interview via a video call and record it using a screen recorder.

Not only is creating expert interview videos easier in this way, but it is also more convenient for both parties – and your subjects may be more open to being interviewed as a result.

  • Quote’ content from online videos

In some of your business videos you may want to ‘quote’ content found in other online videos. Rather than just mentioning the content or trying to explain it with words – you could effectively download streaming video by recording it from your screen then use it in your video.

Just make sure you don’t violate any copyright if you go down this route and you should be able to utilize this technique in a wide range of business videos.

As you can see screen recording can be a versatile tool to create business videos – if used right. The best part is that it isn’t complicated at all if you use a user-friendly software, such as Movavi Screen Recorder for example.

At the end of the day screen recording will provide you numerous options both in terms of the types of videos that you can create, and their content. If you haven’t already started to explore the potential of using it for your business videos – you should make it a point to do that sooner rather than later.

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