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Jumping Into the World’s Biggest Pile of Leaves

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Even though you wouldn’t really know it around here in Texas, fall is definitely upon us and in case you hadn’t heard, tomorrow is also Thanksgiving.  Although most of us who grew up in many parts of Texas never really got the chance to jump into too many huge piles of leaves, there have been some years in which they did fall and a small little pile could be built up for jumping, but they were never anything like what you’re about to see today.

Three buddies rented a 26 feet long, nine feet high moving truck and filled it up with bags of leaves.  LOTS of bags of leaves.  When I say “lots” of bags, I mean something along the lines of more than 1000 bags, filled up with more than 20,000 pounds of leaves.  That’s a lot of leaves!  After unloading them in front of a house, the pile stood roughly 17 feet tall, creating a dream that so many children probably have every fall when the leaves turn and fall onto the ground.  That is, of course, if they’re not too busy playing on their Xbox or Playstations to actually make it outside and play…  But I digress.

You’re sure to have fun watching this one today.  Let yourself be transported back to the days of your childhood when jumping into piles of leaves was your biggest responsibility of the fall season.  Well, that and opening presents at Christmas, but we’ll get to that in a few weeks.

If you’re going to do something like this, just remember the immortal words of Linus from Peanuts, “Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker.”  Words to live by.

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