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Flash Over Houston Leads To Double UFO Sighting

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Witnesses from SE Texas and Louisiana report seeing a blue-green flash over Texas skies Friday morning. But, was it a meteor or something else?

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Texas UFO Sightings:

From Houston to Killeen, several UFO sightings were reported over Texas skies in the last week. NEWS 92 FM has scoured the files of the Mutual UFO Network to bring you the following dispatches:

Harker Heights
Three eyewitnesses spotted a color changing, cigar-shaped UFO last Sunday night just southeast of Killeen. A described “believer” went outside to call in his dog around 8 p.m., when he noticed the bright, neon blue craft hovering stationary in the sky. Over the next hour, they watched as it morphed into a solid, bright red object which moved fluidly vertically and horizontally. Around 9 p.m. the craft shot straight up into the sky and then dived back down as it changed color back to blue.

A person reported sighting a flash of light in the sky last Saturday afternoon which eventually resulted in the appearance of two UFOs. One craft, which is described as having “reflective” qualities, was seen hovering in the same area as the flash for about four minutes, before it ejected a smaller, reflective object which ascended evenly with the original. The smaller object then zoomed westward and disappeared. The larger UFO zoomed east.

The eyewitness said they viewed the event through their binoculars while smoking outside. The craft had “a Yellow (sic) ‘prism’ type effect,” and was passed by a Southwest Airlines plane and another unknown jet during the six-minute sighting.

Several witnesses said a “greenish object” was spotted northwest of Houston on November 10th. The UFO traveled in a horizontal line from east to west before it ejected two red flare-like projectiles before disappearing. The craft left a trail in its wake. “No alcohol, drugs, etc were being consumed,” one witness reported to MUFON.

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