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Overly Excited Puppy Gets New Toys

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Thanksgiving is gone and it’s time for gifts.  Giving gifts, receiving gifts, and everything in between.  If you’re like so many people in this world, myself included, you never forget to include your loving pets into the gift giving mix each year.  And even though your pet doesn’t understand the season of giving, there’s still a warm feeling that comes along with sharing the time with your furry four-legged pal.

After a recent trip to the veterinarian for her new puppy, Tali, her owner felt a little bad for her new friend, so she stopped at the local pet store and bought some new toys.  Five new toys, to be exact.  Instead of giving Tali one at a time, she went ahead and gave her all of them at once, sending the little ball of love into a fit of pure excitement and happiness.  It starts off slow, with Tali playing with one here and there, but within one minute of the video she’s literally running circles around her toys, unable to keep her attention on one of them for very long before another one gets her excited again.

Is this video cute?  Well, let’s just say you’ll have to smack the smile off of your face because it’s just that sweet of a video.  Human, canine, or feline, the holidays are officially in effect and this is truly what it’s all about.

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