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Video: Are Aliens Dynamo Fans? Orange UFOs Spotted in Cypress, Across Texas

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UFO Cloud Trail

Is this a cloud trail left by extraterrestrial life? One witness thinks it is. Learn more in this week’s Texas UFO Sightings Report. (Credit: MUFON)

Fire in the sky reported in Cypress and a Garland eyewitness catches an orange strobing unidentified flying object on tape. NEWS 92 FM has scoured the files of the Mutual UFO Network to bring you the following dispatches from this week’s Texas UFO sightings:

10 Fire-Like UFOs Spotted in Cypress
A family was hanging out in their yard at 6:15 p.m. November 22, when a woman’s son noticed orange spots in the sky. The 10 flame-like UFOs appeared to fly in a straight line, and disappeared from sight in the night sky after some observation. The family agreed they “were not planes nor helicopters,” but something “really strange.” A video is pending release by the eyewitness. NEWS 92 FM will bring it to you as it becomes available.

Garland Employee Catches Orange UFOs on Video
Strange lights were observed in Garland around 6:05 a.m. on November 28. An eyewitness reports they saw the pair of triangular UFOs with orange lights twinkling before entering their workplace. No sound was reported, but the eyewitness said they were in their truck. “We have a heliport about a mile away from us so I see helicopters taking off regularly and I can assure you that these were no helicopters,” he reports. The eyewitness shot the video below, which has been edited for quality as the original video was too dark. We suggest watching it at full screen to see the blinking UFO. A second stationary UFO can be seen towards the end of the video.

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Meditation Helps San Antonioan Speak to Aliens 
A report from San Antonio, where a clairvoyant says aliens told the person through meditation they can use holograph technology to shapeshift. The eyewitness reports being flipped while meditating in a jail cell, and was sliced open with an injection device while walking outside one morning by an alien which beamed itself onto earth. All of this happens, they said, “when I sight down and close my eyes, if I am not able to sleep.” Eyewitness described aliens as “quick and hypnotic, tall and white skin, green eyes” and following a injection of an “electric-magnetic biological substance,” used for tracking and monitoring human subjects, they “never stop hearing voices.”

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Wall of Light Pours Over Kilgore Couple
A man and his wife were returning home around 2:30 a.m. on October 24th when a huge flash, compared to a transformer explosion, hovered towards their vehicle on Bell Rd., in Kilgore. The “wall of light” traveled at walking speed and engulfed their truck, disabling the engine and continuing sweeping down the road until it disappeared in their rear-view mirrors. He then turned his truck back on. “Just feel crazy telling anyone,” he said. “We cant tell haw (sic) long timewise we was in this light.”

Odessa Stargazer Spots Star-Like UFO
An eyewitness was with a friend outside checking out the stars with a pair of 15×80 binoculars around 9:30 p.m. on November 19th when they spotted a UFO flying in a straight line. They concluded it was not a satellite when they realized it was travelling in a retrograde direction. “I wanted to try and photograph it and maybe at least get a streak across the star field but, I lost the object and never could find it again,” they said.

Admiration for Clouds Leads to Carrollton UFO Sighting
A driver was watching the clouds around 4:30 p.m. on November 19th, when they spotted a wave of clouds north of Dallas. But, when the driver pulled into their driveway, they noticed a glowing orb appear before zooming out of view at a high rate of speed. A photo of the cloud trail it left, complete with entrance and exit hole, can be viewed in our Texas UFO Sighting photo gallery below.

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Six Eyewitnesses Separately Report Alice UFO
About six people reported to Alice Police they believe they saw a UFO off Highway 44 around 1 a.m. Thanksgiving Day, according to a report in the Alice Echo-News Journal. The calls reported the UFO as round and nearly 100-feet long. It was seen beaming a light down a by-pass near Highway 281.

Post-Movie Chat Yields Sighting in Killeen
Following a movie at a Killeen theater midnight on December 1, an eyewitness said he and a friend observed a strange object in the northwest sky. The bright orange orb was stationary, about the size of Mars or Venus in the night sky. “It was positioned approximately 25 degrees from the horizon,” the eyewitness told MUFON. “It disappeared abruptly after about 20 seconds before my friend or I could get a picture of the object.” No sound was reported from the incident.

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