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Long Live The BlackBerry: Introducing The Z10

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The Blackberry 10 is coming to the smartphone game. It’s a late entry, but it does provide cutting edge technology. What it doesn’t have? The look of a typical smartphone or a home button.

Picking up the new Z10 you will notice that it does look like the latest iPhone but larger. The back of the phone is made of rubber vs. the glass-like feel of the iPhone. It still has the classice blinking LED light.

bb 10

With this new product, Blackberry looks to make a return as the corporate industry standard. The focus is on what they are calling the HUB. The HUB focuses on how the smartphone world handles how we look at messaging. The HUB acts as a universal inbox, combining all forms of messaging such as texts, application messesages and e-mails into one easy-to-read system. It is somewhat reminiscent of Microsoft Outlook.


Like most smartphones it carries a front and rear camara for video chatting but has a function where you can show the person that you are tallking to what is on your screen. Did I mention the ability to download an endless amount of apps?

The big question is how it handles the keyboard feature. One of the main reasons Blackberry fans stick with them is that they enjoy the physical key pad and Blackberry knows it. So they released it with a physical keyboard and touchscreen display.

bb keys

Check out the review and comapre it to the iPhone 5 and let me know what you think.

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