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Russian Meteor Sets Fire to Sky

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How cool is space?  It is one of the few things that will forever fascinate me.  I can remember spending hours upon hours staring at the night sky, craning my neck to get a good view and standing in awe at just how small and insignificant we are compared the the vast expansion of the universe.  But what I loved more than anything was seeing a shooting star, no matter how small, because it was always a reminder to me of the ever moving parts that make up the heavens above us.

It seems that every car in Eastern Europe, Russia, and many parts of Asia has a dash cam these days.  Why, I don’t know, but thank goodness for them because over the years they’ve captured some really amazing footage of all kinds of crazy happenings.  Most recently, one Russian driver caught a massive meteorite streaking through the sky, lighting it up as though they were crossing over the sun itself, and then leaving an impressive vapor trail in its wake.  You can even see it making the curve of the Earth, giving you a really great perspective of just how high up it is, but at the same time, how big the rock that blew into the atmosphere was as well.

It’s an incredible look at the power of the universe, and you needn’t look any further than our Video of the Day.  Prepare for a “wow”” moment when you watch this today because I can assure you, you’ll be impressed.

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