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Stafford Resident Witnesses ‘Unusual’ UFOs Over Rosenberg

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From Rosenberg to Carrollton to Tilden, many UFOs can be seen flying, hovering and disappearing over Texas skies each week. NEWS 92 FM has scoured the files of the Mutual UFO Network to bring you the following dispatches:

A resident here witnessed two UFOs as she went to let her dogs into the house around 11 p.m. on February 10th. “I noticed  towards the southwestern sky very bright objects,” she said. One is described as large, bright orange, while the second was yellow. Both were diamond shaped. Although the event was slightly obscured by a “very foggy night,” the eyewitness said a dull gray object descended above Rosenberg upon the disappearance of the two UFOs, floating like a leaf, she said.

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A stargazer enjoying the stars on Valentine’s Day witnesses an unusual event as two UFOs flank the constellation Canis Major. The eyewitness, who was throwing away garbage around midnight, said he was stunned to see two diamond-shaped lights around the top of the constellation when they moved in tandem after appearing to be unknown stars. They moved together, as if lights of a much larger craft, before disappearing after 15 seconds.

An overnight worker reports bright orange UFOs hovering above Tilden for over 20 minutes. The lights, which were flying 50 to 100 feet above the ground, may have been part of a rotating object, the eyewitness theorized. No noise was reported. Upon disappearing, however, the lights reappeared above a drilling ring about 10 miles west of the man, who saw them for about 15 seconds before it disappeared.

A much larger orange light hovered above the rig for another 10 seconds before fading away. For the grand finale, a dim orange light about 20 miles away climbed in elevation before disappearing.

The lights, he said, seemed to be followed by two aircraft. Both Kelly and Lackland Air Force Bases are nearby, he said.

“The planes made a about a 50 mile loop and returned in the direction they came,” he said. “Not sure if their presence was related.”

A truck driver in the area confirmed his sighting, asking if he’d “seen any UFOs” an hour earlier.

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Where to Report Your UFO Sightings

MUFON is a non-profit corporation dedicated to investigating UFO sightings. Volunteers collect thousands of reports and conduct field investigations each year. Visit their website to read more UFO reports.

You can also call NEWS 92 FM at 713-623-2108 or send an e-mail to with this and any other news you see.

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