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Drive-Thru Disasters: Sonic Drive-In, 3626 Old Spanish Trail, in Houston

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Sonic Drive-In on Old Spanish Trail

The Sonic Drive-In, 3626 Old Spanish Trail, could be Houston’s worst drive thru if they keep serving ice cream like this… (Credit: Google)

★★★★ Sonic Drive-In
3626 Old Spanish Trail at Scott St.
Houston, TX 77021
Hamburgers, Drinks, Desserts

There is nothing worse than fast food that isn’t fast. But, what’s worse is when the fast food that wasn’t is subpar.

A Saturday night encounter at Sonic Drive-In, 3626 Old Spanish Trail, has put the popular hamburger chain on my personal list of worst Houston drive-thru restaurants after a repeat performance of the same issues: slow service, poor customer service, and above all, a less-than-stellar product.

I pulled up to the drive-thru speakerbox at 10:28 p.m., with four vehicles ahead of my own. Five minutes later, I was told someone would take my order in a few moments. In the meantime, three or four impatient drivers left the long parade of cars in line.

At 10:40 p.m., a whole 12 minutes after pulling up to the drive-thru, I was able to place my order in less than 20 seconds. I was surprised to find as I pulled around the corner there was no wait as I zoomed in front of the drive-thru window.

Lizeth, a 20-something Sonic Drive-In employee, took my credit card and disappeared for another 12 minutes.

In that time, I watched an angry patron belligerently screaming outside their front door, a man in plain clothes (who may or may not have worked at the restaurant) walk into the kitchen area and make small talk with the three-person crew, and another slew of cars zoom past me.

My order of three large Sonic Oreo Blasts, I realize, shouldn’t have taken 12 minutes to prepare, unless of course the machine was already disabled more than an hour before closing, an issue I’ve previously encountered at this location.

They may also have been milking the cows for the ice cream concoction, though, for at the bottom of our cups, my friends and I found a disgustingly large cache of milky liquid. The ice cream was not as sweet as typical, and aside from the typical Oreo and whipped cream garnish on top, was fairly devoid of the cookie throughout the product.

In short, after 24 minutes, $16.21, three Facebook checks from my smart device, and a prayer that I’d be kind to the youngster behind the window, all I got was three watery floats sans Oreo. What gives?

Alternatives to Sonic Drive-In, 3626 Old Spanish Trail

  • Pizza Hut/Taco Bell, 3720 Old Spanish Trail: If you’ve got a sweet tooth, the new 99 cent Churro trumps a milky Sonic Blast any day.
  • KFC, 3619 Old Spanish Trail: Try the Doublicious chicken sandwich and the Chocolate Chip Cake. Good golly, Miss Molly, that’s good!
  • Whataburger, 4616 Old Spanish Trail: The drive down OST is worth it. Never a bad experience at their drive-thru, regardless of hour.

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