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Break Yourself Off A Piece Of These Strange Kit Kat Bars

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(Credit: PhotoPin)

(Credit: PhotoPin)

It’s common knowledge that companies in the food industry cater to their audiences. For instance, while I was in China, the KFC’s that seemed to be on every corner in some parts of the cities did not have the same look nor smell of the restaurants in the states. I didn’t eat there, but I did notice they had a very different menu. I recall chicken feet, for instance, were on the sign as I walked by the storefront. Pass.) I did give taro root pies a whirl at a McDonald’s in Shanghai. Far more savory than any dessert on a fast food menu in the U.S., it was actually pretty tasty. It was also fried, something that U.S. McDonald’s stopped doing in 1992 when they switched to a “baked” version.

But those aren’t the only companies that cater to taste preferences found across Asia. Did you know Kit Kat candy bars come in a slew of exotic flavors?

One report says 19 varieties are currently available in Japan. Here are some of the flavors that have been available over the years:

Sweet: Custard, golden peach, berry wine, ginger ale, creme brûlée

Savory: Sweet potato, miso, grilled corn, jacket baked potato with butter

Huh?: Camembert cheese, pounded soybean paste, lemon vinegar, soy sauce, wasabi

That’s right. Camembert and lemon vinegar.

One of the best things about global travel is the food. You never know what you might find while you’re eating in another country whether it’s fine dining to street food and everything in between.

What’s your favorite international treat? Have you been able to find a store that sells it in Houston?

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