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Sergio Garcia’s Backwards, One-Handed, Up-a-Tree Golf Shot

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The title of this video is odd, no?  Of course it is.  What would you expect from one of the strangest golf shots ever recorded on film?  If you didn’t see this, you are in for a serious treat, especially if you’re an avid golfer.

On the 10th Hole of the final round of the 2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational, Sergio Garcia’s ball did it’s best impression of a cat stuck in a tree.  It’s not something you really see in golf very often.  Usually the ball will careen wildly off of the tree, leaving the player with a much tougher shot than they would prefer.  However, I doubt there’s a golfer in the world who would prefer to hit the ball from 15 feet up in a tree than on the ground, no matter how bad the ball’s lie may be, but good old Sergio would not be denied.  Tree or not, he was going to get that ball back into the field of play.  And he did.

From more than 15 feet up, Garcia positions himself in a way that he’s not only able to hit the ball out of the tree, but he does it backwards.  Oh, and one-handed.  Oh, and the club face was also backwards.  Oh, and did I mention the ball landed perfectly in the short grass?  Granted, he went on to double bogey the hole, but that’s most likely due to the fact that, unfortunately, he injured his shoulder during his little climbing expedition.  Well, that and the fact that the man had to climb a tree just to avoid taking a penalty, so what could we really expect to happen?

You may have seen a lot of golf in your days, but have you ever in your life seen such a wild shot?  I’m not sure that I have.  Eat your heart out, Happy Gilmore!

If you want to see the actual shot, skip to about 3:15, but just remember, half the fun of this video is watching him figure out how to get up there in the first place so I’d recommend watching the whole thing.

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