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Human Chair in the Coffee Shop Prank

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The Internet seems to have a only a few specific purposes these days: news (from, cat and baby videos, and pranks, like this evil little gem I’ve found for you.  Knowing what I know of people’s addictions to caffeine, including my own, I’m not sure how this guy didn’t get punched in the mouth, or at least shoved around a little bit.  Granted, this is a great prank, but a dangerous one nonetheless when dealing with coffee drinkers.

A couple of months back, magician and prankster Rahat went uber viral with his “Invisible Driver in the Drive-Thru” prank, which you saw right here on  Shortly thereafter came another couple of similar drive-thru videos, one with a creepy doll driving the car and another with a headless man driving the car.  The one constant among all three is the fact that Rahat secretly hid himself in a specially designed car seat that completely masked his presence.  So I guess it was only a matter of time before someone else followed suit with their own variation of the prank.

Enter magician Rich Ferguson, and then think about this for a moment.  You’re tired, grumpy, ready to slowly start out your day with a nice, warm cup of coffee.  You grab your cup, head to a comfy spot in the shop, and prepare to wake up and get your day moving.  But just as your back settles into the soft cushion, the chair comes to life, grabbing you and yelling at you for sitting on it.  Sounds pretty rough, huh?  I’d have to agree.  Strangely enough, though, nobody really reacts angrily, and instead they all seem to be pretty good sports about it.

I have to admit, he did a heck of a good job at disguising himself as a real chair, but still, it’s totally a good thing for this guy that I wasn’t one of his victims, and I’ll just leave it at that.

Happy Monday!

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