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Halloween Cat on a Roomba Chases Baby Duckling

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(Credit: YouTube)

(Credit: YouTube)

There wasn’t a single class that I took in college that prepared me for the moment I’d finally write the words “Halloween Cat on a Roomba Chases Baby Duckling.”

Viral videos are a strange breed.  Sometimes I have to take a step back and really think about why certain videos go viral.  Some videos tug at the heartstrings, others make you uncomfortable, and some just make you laugh.  Take today’s video, for example.  There’s really no right way to explain this one other than to say it’s just an adorable ball of random inter-species fun, and let’s face it, sometimes watching animals goof around is just what the doctor ordered.

Shortly after Halloween, popular YouTuber Texas Girly 1979 uploaded this little gem, but for some reason it’s just started to trend in the past few days.  The web has seen plenty of cats riding on Roombas, but I don’t think we’ve really seen anything like this.  Her cat, dressed as a shark, rides the robotic floor cleaner while a giddy baby duckling runs along in front of it.  And just for good measure, her dog, also in some sort of costume, appears in the frame just as the Roomba runs out of juice.

This is just good old fashioned goofy fun.  If you’re looking for a point to this video, well, I’d say that smile on your face is probably reason enough to not only watch it again, but share it with your friends.

Just try and make it through this one without cracking a smile.  I double dog-cat-duckling dare you.

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