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Two-Year-Old Scores Goal at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge

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While not nearly as big of a deal here in America, soccer is certainly a worldwide sport with some of the greatest individual talent found right across the pond in England.  One of the top teams in the English Premier League for many years has been Chelsea, playing at the legendary Stamford Bridge while decked out in their traditional blue uniforms.  If you’re at all a fan of soccer outside of the U.S., you no doubt know plenty about Chelsea.

(Credit: YouTube)

(Credit: YouTube)

They happen to be my favorite team in case you were wondering, which I’m sure you weren’t, so let’s move on.

Goalkeeper Ross Turnbull‘s two-year-old son, Josh, has become an instant viral sensation with today’s video.  While the now-retired Paulo Ferreira spoke to the Stamford Bridge crowd after the final match of the season, young Josh, fully decked out in the toddler version of Chelsea blue, dribbled the ball down towards the goal.  As he neared the net, the cheers from the crowd grew louder and louder until he finally sank it in the goal, sending the stands into a raucous chant that energized the whole stadium.

And of course, Josh celebrated with his hands raised like any good footballer might after scoring a goal.

This video is not only really fun to see, but also serves as a reminder that sometimes we forget about the true beauty of the games we play.  Leave it up to a two-year-old to show us what it’s all about – having fun.

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