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NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission Concept Animation

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(Credit: NASA/ YouTube)

(Credit: NASA/ YouTube)

What would humanity do if faced with an impending asteroid strike on Earth?  Almost every scientist I’ve spoken to says it’s not a matter of if, but when our planet will be bombarded by giant space rocks.  Be it an hour from now or ten million years from now, we’re certainly sitting ducks in our solar system.

But fear not, for NASA is already on it and their plan for asteroid interception is an ambitious one.  In order to get their message across without boring documents and long, drawn out explanations, the space agency recently released a CGI animated short film explaining exactly what it would take to head off the rock at the pass, ultimately moving it to a safer trajectory, but not before learning all they can about it.

Like something out of a Hollywood flick, NASA shows us in exciting detail the way they plan to send a robotic spacecraft to a small near-Earth asteroid, tow it back to a location near the moon, and then send astronauts to study it.

Get a glimpse of what’s to come from our much beloved friends at NASA in today’s thrilling Video of the Day.

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