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Local Republican Congressmen Encouraged President Is Now In Talks

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Houston Congressman Pete Olson says he is encouraged President Obama is now talking with the Republican leadership to bring an end to the government shutdown.

Olson says Republicans were right to call for the repeal of Obamacare.   He says the Republican Congressional delegation from Texas was supporting
Senator Ted Cruz’s crusade.

Olson says “Ted Cruz is doing what the people of Texas elected him to do.  We agreed with him.  We passed the first bill to repeal Obamacare fully, gave him his shot.  He did that great 23 hour filibuster, but it didn’t pass.”

Republican Congressman Kevin Brady from the Woodlands says there is nothing wrong with trying to overturn a law such as Obamacare.

Brady says Democrats challenge laws all the time “when Democrats and the President feel strongly that a law is bad, like the Voter’s Right Act or Voter I.D. bills in states like Texas they fight very hard to overturn it.”

Brady says there seems to be a double standard for Republicans when they try to defund Obamacare.

Brady says he doesn’t want to see America  default on its debts.  He hopes whatever compromise is reached will help bring down government spending “at the end of the day we actually I think have to change a lot of the ways Washington spends its money.  And maybe this is a chance to do it.”

We asked Brady about a recent poll showing Congress’ approval rating has now dropped to 5-percent.  He replied “yeah I am surprised its that high, at this point.”

The Congressman says this country really deserves leaders who will sit down and work out the tough issues.  Negotiations in Washington are expected to continue through the weekend.

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