4 New Ways to Market Your Business in 2014

Business is moving fast. In the past five years we have seen huge advancements in technology, design and business innovation. Despite the economic recession, numerous businesses have been able to kick-back with a vengeance by staying up to date with new marketing trends that can boost the profits of their products and services. Here are four ways that you can ensure that your business stays up to speed with new methods and a cut above the competition.

  1. Create Integrated Devices

Online web space and internet technology has evolved leaps and bounds. Clever companies are jumping on the hi-tech bandwagon and integrating their customer experience with online technologies. This can be anything from providing free WiFi to dotting QR codes onto labels. But with the advent of ‘The Internet of Things’, companies have started to connect seemingly everyday objects to the internet to create a more interactive user experience. Check out apps like Blippar to see how you can maximise the use of portable internet devices for your business.

  1. Use Popular Authority Figures

Social media and blogging have shifted power directly into the consumer’s hands. Popular bloggers in industries such as health and beauty now have millions of followers and are seen as authority figures on the quality of products. Promote your company by targeting specific bloggers and sending them sample products through a reliable global delivery service such as TNT Direct so that they can review and publicise your business for you.

  1. Maximise Visual Content

According to social media experts, posts with photos will get more than 50% more likes and comments on Facebook than text-based posts. With platforms such as Pinterest and Tumblr becoming more popular it’s now more crucial than ever that your business produces a strong, high resolution, high quality brand image.

  1. Automate Social Media Channels

One of the most common responses of business leaders to the proposition of social media channels is ‘I don’t have time for that’. But managing multiple social media channels to your advantage has never been easier. You should utilise applications like HootSuite to automate posts, tweets and status’ so that you can strategise your campaign and plan ahead.

With these four tips, your business will be pushing forward along with pioneering companies this year. Creativity and innovation in business is essential to profitable growth and realisation of potential so never be afraid to take calculated risks and renew your business ideas for the future. 

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