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Bigfoot Hunter Admits ‘Hank’ Body is Fake [LISTEN]

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new-bigfoot-body-pic-square1(HOUSTON) — Rick Dyer, the infamous Bigfoot hunter who said she fatally shot a Bigfoot in San Antonio and then took it on a national tour, finally admitted that the body he has been touring with is fake. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t kill a real one, apparently.

Rick Dyer made the admission in a YouTube video. (WARNING: Video contains foul language.)

’Hank’ the Bigfoot is not real. I know, big shocker,” he said.

Dyer also maintains that he shot and killed Bigfoot back in 2012 in San Antonio. He said he did not tour with the real body because he’s afraid it would be stolen.

News 92 FM first heard from Dyer’s former publicist Andrew Clacy that the body was made by a Washington toy maker, Chris Russell.

Clacy told News 92 FM in an email that he had no idea the thing was fake. He said he believed the events and the body were real based on what Dyer told him, but he became suspicious after moving from Australia to the U.S. to assist the infamous tracker in publicizing the body’s national tour. He reportedly confronted Dyer about it while on tour in Daytona, Fla.

“[Dyer] admitted to me personally that the body of ‘Hank’ was not a real body but rather a construct of a company from Washington State which was paid for by Rick Dyer,” Clacy wrote.  “Once I became aware of the truth, I could no longer continue in my role with Rick Dyer on moral and ethical grounds…”

On Sunday, Russell confirmed that “Hank” was a fraud created for the filming of an upcoming movie, Sasquatch Detective blog reports.

Listen to our exclusive interview with Chris Russell, the toy maker who created the Bigfoot body:

“HANK was made of polyfoam filled latex with latex paints and red camel hair glued on… intentionally to look like an “old poorly made taxidermy of a bigfoot nearly 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide at shoulders” at clients request to tour the country while filming of a movie for film studio I will not publicly name at this time,” Russell told researcher Laura Michaels, according to the blog.

Dyer said it’s impossible to believe he duped the entire team. He said, in the video, they knew the entire time and they left because they weren’t making enough money.

“Maybe Clacy knew, maybe he didn’t,” Dyer said. “But I have to think he knew something was up when I asked him why there haven’t been more of these things caught or seen or anything.”

Clacy said he’ll cooperate with any investigation if necessary. A petition online calls for Dyer to be charged with fraud. He collected tens of thousands of dollars while touring with the latex beast.

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