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Does Sugar Cause Memory Loss, Dementia?

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According to a new study, a sugary diet isn’t just bad for your waistline; it’s bad for your brain, too.

Researchers at Charité University Medical Centre in Berlin linked a sugar-laden diet to an increased risk of dementia.

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They reportedly found that high levels of glucose can cause memory loss. They said this is because sugar and carbohydrates “harm the brain’s structure and function.”

The Daily Mail Reports:

They discovered high levels of glucose are associated with worse memory in healthy adults and could poetntially lead to more people suffering dementia.

The new research backs up previous studies, which have shown that diabetes – characterised by high levels of blood glucose – has been linked to an increased risk of dementia, Scientific American reported.

Experts have also previously found that high blood sugar levels are linked to a smaller hippocampus, which is an area of the brain used for remembering events and facts.


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