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JR. MINTZ: ‘The November Man’ Cliché Yet Worthwhile

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November Man

(Credit: Relativity Media)

Rated R
Jr. Mintz Rating: *** out of *****
Director: Roger Donaldson
Stars: Pierce Brosnan

A former James Bond is back in theatres this week as “The November Man”: Pierce Brosnan.

In what has become a fairly familiar Hollywood story line, Brosnan plays a retired spy—this time from the CIA—who is called back into to action to rescue, confront, stalk, assassinate, and or blow up some of his former colleagues at the request of the new team in charge who may or may not be good guys or bad guys.

The backdrop is Belgrade, but the cinematography is not flattering to the Serbian capitol, which makes the whole film looks really dreary.

Jr. Mintz

Jr. Mintz

The best part of “The November Man” is its villains who are deliciously evil and whose true intentions are kept pretty much a secret until the closing frames. There are scenes of horrific violence, and an ongoing dialogue between two agents that would certainly put the HR folks on alert.

But for the most part, “The November Man” is an above average, somewhat cliché spy yarn with just enough good moments to make it worthwhile… a couple of Bond-caliber villains as a bonus.

Until next time, this is Jr. Mintz, reminding you that when a movie stinks you’ll smell it first on NEWS 92 FM.

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