5 Great Reasons to Choose a Virtual Office in Chicago

The city of Chicago is iconic for all kinds of different reasons. It is a hub of music, art, and literary culture. While they may call it ‘the windy city,’ entrepreneurs here can keep their feet planted firmly on the ground with the right corporate resources. While the market is very competitive, the talent pool is impeccable, the business districts are thriving, and there is always a warm welcome for ambitious, creative start-up ventures.


Nevertheless, there are challenges associated with launching a company here, as there are anywhere in the world. One of the most important is the need for a strong, stable base – an office with all the right resources and negotiable terms so that every bump in the road can be handled quickly. It is one of the reasons why virtual offices have become so popular with businesses in Chicago and the other major US cities.

Keep reading to learn about the virtual office and what features and resources it can offer to young companies in Chicago.

The Right Image

Many entrepreneurs really don’t like the notion of being judged on surface value alone, because it is normal now for startups to launch out of bedrooms and garages. However, big city investors are all about image. Without a stable office, in a prestigious part of town, it will be difficult to get their attention. Visit www.servcorp.com/en/virtual-offices/ to check out some of the amazing corporate addresses offered by virtual providers in Chicago.

Land and Expand

Whether you’re a five-person team or a sprawling conglomerate, future proofing is essential. You need to ask yourself, how do I minimise risk, while also making sure that the company has enough capital and resources to expand in the short term? It is a tricky balancing act, but virtual offices don’t ask tenants to commit to long-term leases. They are asked to pay for precisely what they consume and no more

Hit the Ground Running

If you can shrink the amount of downtime in between launching the brand and actually selling it, you’ll have a much better shot at thriving in the competitive markets of Chicago. With a virtual office, there is no downtime. In exchange for a willingness to share the collaborative space, tenants can ‘move in’ right away. You could be set up and using a virtual workspace to make money within an hour after registering with the provider.

Boardroom Access

No matter where you decide to launch from in Chicago (River Point is a recommended spot), you will find high-end virtual offices with meeting spaces and boardrooms. In fact, the best providers even offer access to presentation tools and media suites as well. For example, some allow projection equipment to be hired out. There are digital whiteboards, televisions, and speaker systems. For mobile entrepreneurs, these communal workspaces are a great place to network with important clients and investors.

Kind to the Environment

To top it all off, ‘going virtual’ and working from a shared office is a tremendously green way to run a business. Think about it. You’re sharing the space with lots of other tenants, instead of consuming the same amount of power to heat and light a private office. Consumers in the States are growing increasingly conscious of green corporations and you could make this a unique selling point.

Why Virtual Offices Are a Great Way to Expand or Relocate

Whether you’re starting a whole new business in America or you’re expanding an existing one, it is important to manage risk carefully. This means picking the assets and resources which offer you the most value, for the least commitment. This will allow you to remain agile and ready to adapt to shifting market trends. Virtual and serviced offices are an ideal choice because they never require lock-in contracts and the terms are negotiable.



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