5 Things to Avoid This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is centered around the idea of gratitude, and it’s so much easier to get into the thankful spirit when everything is going well. You can do your part in keeping the holiday a positive one by avoiding these simple five things- and preparing to quickly fix them if necessary.


Food Poisoning

Thanksgiving dinner is one of the greatest feasts of the year- many of us look forward to it all year. The last thing that you want your family and friends doing is taking turns being sick in the washroom due to food poisoning. Is there anything that you can do to avoid this? Of course there is. Though you can never rule out the possibility of someone catching a stomach flu, one can avoid food poisoning by adopting good food hygiene like not letting food sit out on the table for hours, properly cooking the poultry, and keeping the preparation surfaces clean. Once the food has been served, it should be promptly packaged safely and stored correctly, whether in the fridge or freezer.


Broken Appliances

Every appliance has its lifespan, whether it’s the dishwasher, range, or oven. However, having these break on you during one of the biggest holidays of the year is not just inconvenient- it’s a tragedy. This can be somewhat avoided by maintaining them throughout the year, replacing them as they age and start to behave irregularly. It’s also handy to have a 24/7 company offering fridge repair services by trained technicians who cover all the major brands. The last thing you want to be doing on the day of thanks is throwing out all the food that has gone bad in your fridge. It’s really against the idea of the season.


Family Drama

If you know that there is an issue festering between your anticipated guests, try to get them to resolve the issue before they arrive for Thanksgiving. Though they might be able to get through the meal without cracking, the holiday table is no place for a fight. Even if one of the parties won’t show up because of a previous altercation, that’s better than having a food fight during dinner.


Boring Times

After a belly full of turkey, it’s easy to sit back and just rest. That’s fine if that’s just a couple of hours, but many people drag this out to the entire weekend. Instead of just lazing around, plan some memory-making activities, whether that’s a nature walk, a friendly game of touch-football, or a bonfire. Make this a Thanksgiving to remember by spending quality time with the ones you love, not just sleeping off the turkey dinner.


Running Out

Though most people have a tendency to over-prepare for the holidays, sometimes unexpected guests arrive and your spread didn’t account for that. Instead of being in the awkward situation of being low on food, have some “quick” options that you can throw together in case things don’t go as planned. You don’t necessarily want them already prepared, as Thanksgiving is a bad time to be wasteful, but have a few pantry staples available for easy, delicious food and sharable snacks.

Having an amazing holiday with family and friends is about more than just sitting at one table and eating food. It’s about everyone having a good time and celebrating all the blessings received throughout the year. If you can avoid these five things this year, you’ll have something more to add to your list, and if not, hopefully you can quickly turn it into a positive experience that you can laugh about the next time you all meet.


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