5 Ways to Attract Media Attention to Your Dropshipping Store

Publicity, which is the more “organic” version of marketing as opposed to advertising, is a powerful tool for both startups and long-standing businesses. With a relatively small budget, the media coverage of your business would bring more leads and, eventually, close more sales.

According to Content Marketing Institute, 70% of consumers favor getting more information about a business through articles instead of paid ads. This means media coverage is 70% more effective to attract buyers instead of advertisements.

However, getting media attention can be quite challenging, especially when the startup, such as a dropshipping online store, is brand new and the owner doesn’t know any professional media people. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 ways in making the press interested in your business, especially when it comes to an online retailer with the dropshipping business model.

Dropshipping itself is a business model in which the products will be purchased by the store owner from suppliers after they have been ordered and paid for by customers. This means the store doesn’t keep the stock in the warehouse and they can start selling as soon as the online storefront is ready for business. The orders will be shipped directly by the suppliers.

First, use a strong USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and business philosophy.

These two underlying elements would distinguish your business from competitors. Make sure they’re reflected in the tagline or store motto or slogan. For this purpose, consider using a tagline generator.

So Aesthetic Shop, for instance, is a highly successful dropshipping store with a strong USP, which is delivering cute Harajuku and K-POP fashion products. Their impressive and well-designed storefront matches their targeted teenager personas.

Second, the press and the public don’t need to know that your store follows the dropshipping model.

It’s not that you’re keeping it a secret. Most successful dropshippers don’t share this fact because how a store sources the products is irrelevant to the customers. They’re more interested in the products, satisfactory, order fulfillment, and strong customer service. Thus, focus on these 3 issues instead when communicating with consumers.

Third, develop a targeted media list and press materials.

While you can purchase media lists, it’s recommended that you approach members of the press individually. If you admire a journalist or a blogger, contact him or her directly to share your story. Tools like Ninja Outreach can be used to locate the most appropriate journalists or bloggers for your news tip.

Fourth, create newsworthy events and programs.

Do things that are newsworthy, such as special charity or out-of-this-world events. Red Bull is a strong case study of a brand with frequent news coverages. Be inspired by this energy drink.

Fifth, collaborate with influencers.

Influencers are individuals who are well respected and have tons of social media followers. Think The Kardashian-Jenner sisters who are strong influencers for fashion and lifestyle products. However, there are many types of influencers and of varying degrees of influence.

To test the water, start with “micro influencers” with followers in the thousands. Many dropshipping stores found their success by using Instagram hashtags in their influencer marketing campaign. Next, share their posts on your social media account so that you can reap the benefits from both (your and their) accounts.

In conclusion, attracting media attention to your online dropshipping store requires a commitment in pitching stories and building favorable relationships with journalists and bloggers, while also be creative in creating newsworthy events and collaborating with influencers. Many dropshippers have enjoyed tremendous success by utilizing these strategies.

About the Author
Jennifer Xue is an award-winning author, columnist, and serial entrepreneur based in Northern California. She is also a digital strategist for Oberlo. Her byline has appeared in Forbes, Fortune, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Business.com, Business2Community, Addicted2Success, Good Men Project, Positively Positive, and others. Her blog is JenniferXue.com.

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