70 Trades: Tips before Starting

In the current digital world, making money online is one of the easiest ways to securing huge returns. Among some of these profitable online platforms you can indulge in include stock exchange, Forex, or CFDs. Although you might regard them as a matter of sheer luck and gamble, having the best trading strategy might guarantee a successful career. Below are several tips you can utilize for a successful trading.

  • Know the risks and work on being successful

In trading, you either gain all or lose all. So to say, you can call it a gamble. Typically, trading involves betting on the direction of stocks in the stock market. Although you might be lucky and correctly predict on the direction, you might find yourself indulging in a dangerous path on a bad day. Trading entails more research and experience. For this reason, ensure you are well prepared psychologically and do your research before embarking on a trading spree.

  • Know its advantages

Of course, we have all heard and perhaps seen successful billionaires who made their fortune through trading stock exchanges, CFDs, or Forex. Trading can indeed be a fruitful business venture if conducted accordingly. With the right trading strategy and the required experience, success can definitely be achieved. However, how do you go about gaining this knowledge? You can always utilize online platforms like 70 Trades or seek the opinion of successful traders. If you’re a neophyte trader, 70 Trades is one of the simplest platforms today. This makes 70 Trades a safe place to explore and practice. Of course, there are other sites as well; as long as you’re generally comfortable, you’re go to go.

  • Use the right margins and leveraging

Trade margin and leverages are the determining factors in every trade outcome. Nonetheless, what are these margins and leverages? Margins are simply borrowed cash. In other words, your stock broker lends you a certain amount to trade on. On the other hand, leverage is a byproduct of a margin, which allows you to take control and trade on larger stocks. For instance, a trading leverage can be presented in form of a ration, say, 1:5000. To be on the safer side, ensure you set a minimal ration during your sign up- just in case your trade backfires.   

  • Know the capital requirement and invest wisely

We use money to get money. Of course, if you have to indulge in a field of business, you need to invest. Capital is a significant factor. However, in the trading world, you bite what you can swallow; know the capital requirements first and then decide whether it’s joining the platform is worth it or not. What’s more, in case the capital requirements fit in your budget, you might also want to check on the specifics. Different categories in trading stocks have different requirements. The minimum you can start trading on is $20,000-$30,000. Actually, the majority of the trading companies in U.S and Malaysia have their minimum capitals set to $30,000. Do your math and invest wisely!

  • Goals and constraints

Practice! Practice! Practice! This part is a must. Ensure you set your goals and strive to achieve them. Besides practice; you should learn to be consistent in your trading. Doing one thing over and over might sometimes prove to be an erroneous task. However, you can always set your working hours to a minimal working-hours and learn to love the game. You should enjoy while learning and earning.

Also, if you indulge in trading in an aim to replacing your job, put into consideration that it might take a year or two before you can stabilize things. Ensure you gather enough capital that can cover your low days too. Finally, establish a trading strategy. You can either ask for an opinion from an experienced trader or establish one yourself. Getting a professional trader might not be hard either, especially if you live in a country like Malaysia where trading is prevalent.

  • Trading is about mastering yourself and not the market

The majority believe trading success comes from mastering the market. However, this is not always the case; the market can be changed, and therefore, one should adapt accordingly when such changes sprout. Master your betting strategy and master the art of becoming flexible. Once you master personal resilience and your general sharpness, you might unleash a trading strategy that will guarantee a lifetime success.   

As you strive to make ends meet, it is always necessary to have an open mind in trading. For this reason, putting into consideration the above tips might not only point you to the right direction but might also act as the start of your success. What’s more, if you have not started yet or you are new to this industry, ensure that you minimize your risks by not exhausting every penny you have for it. Be responsible and think about your other priorities and expenses too. In the end, it’s all about getting the right formula that will strike the balance.    


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