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Major Archeological Site Found In San Antonio

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Mike Barajas

About 3,500 years ago, when the Bronze Age was ending in Europe folks living in what is now San Antonio were living off the land using primitive tools, as they had been for thousands of years. That is the latest finding from an accidental archaeological discovery.

Remains of a prehistoric hut were unearthed in the Alamo city with evidence that about 1500 b.c., three thousand years before the Spanish conquest natives were already building structures along the San Antonio river.

Workers preparing Mission county park for construction accidentally found the remains.  Although the hut apparently burned down it left significant clues.  Carbon dating shows it is the third oldest known structure in the state of Texas.

Now there will be a second round of carbon dating to establish when the structure burned.  In the meantime authorities don’t want people tampering with the extraordinary archaeological find.

So workers were instructed to cover the site back up and not disclose its location until the county is prepared to announce the discovery and make the ancient site part of an educational program at the park.

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