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News 92 FM fills a void in Houston radio — a 24-hour all news station. The premise is news without bias.  OK, if there’s a bias, it’s a bias toward accuracy.  News 92 FM promises 100% news, zero percent spin.  No talk shows. No political agendas. There’s full coverage of local, regional, national, and international news; business news, including Houston’s vital oil and gas industries, high tech and medical.  We have our share of lifestyle and pop culture news to make sure you’re informed when you get to the water cooler. The most important aspect of an all-news station is the opportunity to bring you more than headlines.  You get complete stories and in-depth interviews from Houston’s most experienced news staff who are Houston’s most recognized news personalities.  The names that mean news in Houston.

ABC News Radio starts every hour covering the world and national news.  We have the full worldwide resources of the Associated Press. Most important to Houstonians—traffic reports and accurate weather.  Listen for Traffic and Weather on the Nines.  That’s Traffic and Weather every 10 minutes at 8 minutes after every hour, 18 after, and 28, 38, 48 and 58.  All day and into the night.

Why FM?  Better reception.  No noise under the electrical wires.  It’s where Houston’s listeners are.  Why shouldn’t the news be there, too? We’re creating great radio as well as great news coverage with modern production values and a style designed to welcome FM music listeners as well as news junkies.  Combined with mobile apps, web distribution and interactive outreach on social networks, NEWS 92 FM builds an all new all-news product for 2014 and beyond.

NEWS92FM 24 Greenway Plaza Suite 900 Houston, TX 77046

Main Office: (713) 623-2108

Main Fax: (713) 300-5751

After Hours: (713) 622-6397

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Program Director: Alan Furst

Managing Editor: Norm Uhl

Office Phone: (713) 623-2108

NEWS92FM Marketing and Promotions:

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Office Phone: (713) 623-2108

Promotions Director: Jonathan Cook

Promotions Coordinator: Craig Henderson

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Office Phone: (713) 300-5812

General Sales Manager: Mark Shecterle

Sales Assistant: Grace Villarreal

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Digital Sales Manager: Bob Mackay

Office Phone: (713) 623-2108 Web Content:

Regional Online Editor: Tami L. August

Lead Online Editor: Kristy Gillentine

Office Phone: (713) 623-2108

NEWS92FM  Business Department:

General Manager / Vice President – Doug Abernethy

Office Phone: (713) 623-2108

NEWS92FM Employment:

If you’d like more information regarding Radio-One employment, go to

NEWS92FM Corporate Office:

Radio-One, Inc.

5900 Princess Garden Parkway, 7th Floor

Lanham, MD 20706


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