Florida Driving Laws for Tourists

Florida has one of the biggest tourism industries in the country. It’s understandable when your state has sunny beaches, warm temperatures, and alligators. Nearly 100 million tourists visit the panhandle state every year, and they’re main means of travel is by car.

The driving laws in Florida can be tricky – especially if you’re visiting from another state. Therefore, if you’re one of the 100 million tourists trying to soak in some sun or see some ‘gators, then you need to know the rules of the road. Specifically, the driving laws you might not realize exist. Florida has the same traffic laws as any other state, added a few notorious tourist traffic traps. However, there’s a few rules you might not know you don’t know.

Parking on Graves

Plain in simple, if you’re visiting cemeteries, don’t park on the graves. If you do, you could get slapped with a pricey traffic ticket. Florida’s traffic laws prohibit you from parking vehicles on graves. Along with your traffic ticket, you will also receive a haunting from an upset poltergeist.

Talking on a Cell Phone

In most states, talking on your cell phone while driving your car is illegal. In Florida, it’s not illegal as long as you follow every rule of the road. Talking on your cell phone is only illegal if you break a traffic law. So, you won’t only get ticketed for breaking the law, but you’ll get double busted for being on your cell phone.

License to Operate a Skateboard

Skateboarding requires intense focus, merciless balance, and a… driver’s license. Nice try, high school sophomores skateboarding across the border for spring break because they don’t have a driver’s license! Turns out in Florida you need a driver’s license to operate that plywood with wheels. Often overlooked by traffic officers, skateboarders are legally required to have a license.

Parking in Intersections

Parking in the middle of an intersection is illegal in Florida. This feels like it’s illegal in every state, but Florida is the only one that went the extra mile to make it official. This law goes without saying, yet here we are needing to express that it’s officially a law.

Elephants and Meters

Also, up there with laws that go without saying – here’s an old timey law that sounds made up. If you park your elephant at a meter, it’s your responsibility to pay the meter for the time your elephant is parked there. This law may have been created to tax the large number of circuses in Florida back in the day. Speaking of which, I forgot to get my elephant’s oil changed!

Hitting a pedestrian

You should never hit a pedestrian. But, if you do, remember that you may be arrested, sued, and have to pay the steep fine of… $78. It’s a small price to pay for a serious crime – literally. There’s always worse repercussions for hitting a pedestrian with your vehicle, but Florida, yet again, has gone the extra step to specify your fine payment for your crimes against humanity; which happen to be $78.

If you do find yourself with a traffic ticket for skateboarding without a license or parking on a grave, remember you can still avoid a higher annual insurance rate. By enrolling in an online traffic course, you can show you’re a smart, safe driver by passing your Florida driving test.

You can use the money you save, from enrolling in a defensive driving course, to pay your fines for hitting a Florida pedestrian!  Don’t actually hit a pedestrian with your car, please.

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