Low Budget Fashion Ideas

How to dress like an influencer on a low budget.

Unless you’re Susie Bubble or Bella Hadid you probably don’t have the money to buy all the designer labels that you’d really like to own. Fashion is an addiction for many of us and finding the cash to make it happen can become an obsession. However, even if you don’t have model millions or get the same freebies that the influencers do, you can still look good (and on trend) with these low budget fashion ideas.

Follow these budget tips and you won’t  have to use expensive credit cards or borrow money on a loan to get the right look.

Buy sale items and get them altered


If you’ve seen the perfect dress on sale at an affordable price but the hem is just slightly too long or it’s too wide on the hips then snap it up and get it altered to fit. Making small changes to items like this can give you access to high fashion on a budget – and all you need is a good dressmaker to help you get the final fit right. You might even be able to make simple alterations yourself if you are handy with a sewing machine.

Buy from outlet sites


Many big name brands have their own outlet sites where you’ll find older stock at hugely discounted prices. If Net-a-Porter is your dream shop, for example, have a browse of the Outnet, which is where you’ll find older pieces at a discount. Other major retailers with outlets include ASOS and Mango.

Swap with your friends


If you’re a similar size to some of your friends then why not share the purchases that you make? Swapping clothes can really be fun and means that you get access to a whole new wardrobe without having to pay the up front cost – all you have to do is share – and make sure you don’t all want the same outfit at the same time.

Mix and match your pieces


No one wears head-to-toe designer labels these days – it’s much cooler to mix and match what you have. Save up for something designer that you love and then pair this with thrift shop finds, high street basics and cheaper layers for a balanced overall look.

Shop menswear for the basics


Menswear is often cheaper than women’s so is the place to look for basics such as T-shirts, sweatshirts and even sweat pants.

Sell whatever you don’t want anymore


If you just don’t have any budget left for buying new pieces then create some cash by selling what you don’t wear anymore. There are lots of ways to do this now, from having a yard sale, to listing items online on sites like eBay.

Rent instead of buying


A whole industry has sprung up around fashion rentals and this can be a much cheaper way to look fabulous, especially when it comes to special occasion dressing. Just choose the piece you want from an app like Rent My Wardrobe and it gets delivered straight to your door. Pay the rental and return it when you’re done – many of these sites will even cover the cost of your dry cleaning.

Shop your own closet


It may sound crazy but you can guarantee that there are items in there that you’ve forgotten about that you could use to create a whole new look. You might be surprised by what you find – and if there’s nothing “new” in there that pleases you then you can at least have a good clear out and sell some of the pieces you no longer wear to make enough cash to buy something new.


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