Real Estate Marketing Options To Consider

When you want to sell a house you should know this happens because of a combination of various factors, including pricing, location, negotiations, marketing and a whole lot more. Obviously, the most important thing to remember is that if nobody can see your available house, nobody can buy it.

Some time ago we saw real estate agents being heavily dependent on advertising in newspaper ads. That was where most of the prospective buyers would look for properties. This is not something that works at the moment. All specialists, like Klamen Real Estate cash house buyers, know that the best marketing options in real estate these days are completely different than those of the past.

Some of the best options you want to seriously take into account are the following.

Direct Verbal Contact

This includes different things, like telephone calls, face-to-face meetings or contacting personal contacts of a realtor. The main advantages in this cost are lower costs, effectively communicate, motivating individuals and being able to clearly articulate possibilities and home strengths. A huge disadvantage is that everything is time consuming. At the same time, this marketing channel is highly limited.

Direct Marketing

Examples of direct marketing channels include door hangers, flyers, signs, postcards and open house events. Mailing did become costly in the past years and transaction rate is pretty low. However, in many neighborhoods it is still a really interesting option to take into account. In most cases real estate agents try direct marketing methods at least once in order to see if they work or not.

Print Media

Through print media we understand magazines, newspapers, direct-to-home marketing pieces or weekly circulars. Using print media is normally expensive. At the same time, statistics show that modern buyers are not that attentive to such mediums. Do not invest too much in this option, unless conversions are good where you advertise.


When you ask people that attend open house events how they heard about the property, the commonly mentioned response is: from a website. There are so many websites that advertise real estate properties these days. Having a presence in them will help a lot more than anticipated. Also, there is always the possibility that you create your own website. However, this is something to take into account only when you have many properties that are available for sale or it would not be worth it. You should also know that in order to get the highest possible awareness in these sites, you normally have to invest in ads.

Social Media

Nowadays, everyone has a social media account. Almost all buyers will have a profile so it makes a lot of sense to have a digital presence on the networks. Presenting properties on channels like Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook can be particularly effective because you can showcase many parts of the property through images and videos. While using this as a standalone marketing tool for the real estate industry does not always bring the results people want, it is definitely something to take into account, especially when you want to do a highlight reel of a specific property.

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