SEO Tips and Tactics for SAAS Companies

SaaS or Software as a Service refers to the cloud-based service where there’s no need to download the software. Instead of downloading it, the user can directly run it through the computer. Updates are also available. The software may include services related to communications or regular office transactions. Since too many SAAS companies are available, it’s crucial to promote the brand online. With the aid of a Nashville SEO company, the brand becomes more visible. These tips are useful for SAAS companies trying to promote online. 

Choose the right keyword 

Optimizing the right keywords for SAAS can be challenging. Common sense will tell that the right keywords should contain the specific services offered by the software. For instance, if the company is a fitness app, the keyword to optimize is “fitness app” or its variance. The truth is that not many people will directly search for the keyword. Instead, they will search for useful information such as “weight loss tips” or “how to stay fit.” The point is that these are the right keywords to optimize instead of the direct services offered by the company. It makes no sense to optimize the wrong keywords since it won’t bring more attention. There should be at least 10 keywords to optimize so that there are more chances for people to see the website.

Look for trendy keywords

Using keyword analytics tools, it’s possible to determine the trendy keywords. The priority should be these keywords since most people will look for them at a given time. The only downside is that everyone already knows what these keywords are. Perhaps, the business is already optimizing them. Riding the wave can be effective for a while, but not for long. Besides, other companies offering the same software services might also optimize similar keywords.

Write blogs 

Another crucial strategy to be more popular is to write blogs. The good thing about blogging is that it’s not directly selling products and services to people. The focus is on providing as much information as possible for people to learn. For SAAS companies offering a fitness app, the blogs can be about health and fitness. People need to know some tricks to stay healthy. Using the app isn’t necessarily the blog’s focus, but it can be somewhere along with the content. If the readers of the blog don’t decide to purchase the app yet, it’s okay. Given the interest in the blog, there’s a chance for these readers to come back in the future. By then, they might decide to purchase the app. Google rewards websites that have blogs. There’s a bigger chance of ranking higher on search engines. 

When writing blogs, it’s crucial not to flood the content with keywords. Google will see it as an inorganic way of using the keywords. Instead of ranking it higher on search engines, it will end up getting penalized. The key is to distribute the keywords appropriately. The primary keyword can appear at least once. It can also appear on one of the subheadings and the main title. The blog should also have a meta-description. 

Focus on social media marketing too

Part of the digital marketing strategy is to focus on social media. Lots of people use their social media to promote their businesses. The good thing is that the potential audiences are already there. Millions of people around the world spend at least an hour to browse content and social media. It would be a mistake not to focus on advertising through this platform.  Create an official page where all updates are available. If people want to know more about the software, they can visit the social media page. When they want to know more, it’s easy to redirect them to the website. 

The social media account should also have regular updates and engagement with the target audiences. The good thing about social media is that it’s easier to connect with people. If there are questions or comments, it’s easy to respond to them. Some people are already on the verge of buying certain services. They only need answers to a couple of questions before they make up their minds. Once the interaction answers their questions, they might decide to close the deal. However, it’s also important not to oversell the services on social media. Some people might find it annoying. They will also stop following the page if there are unnecessary notifications due to the irrelevant updates posted. They need to receive useful information apart from details on buying the services offered.

Each service needs a landing page

The SAAS company might offer different services. They might have similarities, but each service is unique. For instance, fitness software might focus on different aspects of one’s health. It includes exercise, nutrition and diet, and sleep. Each of the services needs to have a landing page. When people search for information online, they have to get redirected to the specific service that they’re looking for. Otherwise, they might not feel interested anymore. If all keywords redirect them to the main homepage, it wouldn’t be convincing enough.

Compare the efforts with competitors 

Other companies might also be using SEO strategies to boost their popularity. Some of them might even be doing a better job. It helps to compare the efforts with the competitors to determine what else needs to happen. The number of people who decide to patronize the service might decrease because the competitors are taking a bigger share of the pie. It helps determine why they’re leading the competition and what else needs to happen to win against them.

Partnership with an SEO company is imperative 

Dealing with competition can be tough. Racing on top of the search engines is also a daunting task. The only way to make it easier is to work with Nashville SEO Company. Experts working for the company have tricks up their sleeves to ensure that the SAAS company will do better than the competition. They’ve been around for a while to help other companies. Their expertise will easily put the business over the top. It might not happen immediately, but it’s good to have an SEO company as a partner. 

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