Smart Travel | From Planning to Arrival at Destination

When’s the last time you visited a travel agency and asked them to book a customized vacation for you? If you are under the age of 35, the answer might even be “never”. Millennials are used to planning their own trips, finding flights or car rental deals, booking hotels, and coming up with itineraries for their time away.

The internet has opened a gateway for travellers as you can buy, book, and reserve online. It’s even possible to gain insider knowledge through research on travel blogs and forums, something that used to be difficult to gain if you didn’t have a friend or family member at your destination. But if you REALLY want to leverage the power of the internet and services available to attain the label of “most savvy traveller”, you’re going to want to tap into the following:

  1. Google Flights

This powerful tool developed by Google is still surprisingly unknown to many. This search tool can be used to quickly find cheap flights, track current flights, and compare departure and arrival date prices. You’ll also find that you can even search “any destination” if you have a price and date in mind but can’t quite nail down a location. The perfect all-in-one tool to use when looking for the best deal out there.

  1. Subscribe to Price Drop Notifications

Many online travel agencies now allow users to subscribe to price drop notifications. If you are relatively inflexible when it comes to dates or destination, this could be your best bet for securing a price that you know is as fair as can be. It’s also a great use of your time because you won’t have to constantly be checking online to see if there was a dip in the price or not.

  1. Check In Online

Many discount airlines charge you extra for checking in at the airport, so avoid that issue by just doing it online. Everyone seems to have a different timeline when it comes to when to do it, so check the airline’s policy about a week before. If you are traveling with normal airlines, online check- in can also get you perks like short lines at the airport and being able to choose your seat.

  1. Track the Actual Flight

Things happen. There are mechanical issues, extreme weather events, coordination issues and more. For all you know, your flights could be early, late, or even cancelled. Check your flight status online before you even leave for the airport so that you’re in the loop and ready for anything that could happen. The savviest of travelers will know the rules that apply for such alterations to the original flight, but if you don’t have the time or will to get involved, there are companies that get compensation to passengers who experience lengthy delays or cancelled flights.

  1. Getting to your Final Destination

Why leave the last leg of your journey to chance? Instead of scrambling at the airport trying to find the best way to get to your hotel or friends’ house, why not do that research before you even leave your house? Research the smartest and cheapest way to make that final leg of your journey. That way you can confidently walk out of the terminal and into whatever mode of transportation you chose to use.

It’s one thing to be internet literate, but it’s another to harness the power of the web to make yourself a travel ninja. No more rushing, looking confused, or getting lost (unless you plan to of course)! Set yourself up for an adventure of a lifetime using the best that the internet has to offer.


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