Specialist Insurance for your Stored Belongings

It is always important to look at the small print when it comes to insurance. You want to know exactly what cover you have whether you are talking about travel, personal belongings, your car or home contents. If you are considering something that is a little out of the ordinary, then you must be certain that you are covered. A good example is storage of personal belongings away from your home or storage of company documentation off site. If you are going to hire a third party storage facility you may well be advised to talk to that facility for insurance provision.

The detail

It is important to know whether your current policy covers all your things irrespective of their location. You may have home contents cover which includes goods in transit or excludes that. Even if you have transit insurance included, once they are stored elsewhere that cover is likely to cease.


Quality assured

You will have sole access to things you put in a storage facility but you will need to have everything insured. One of the best ways to do that is to use the company that the storage people use because it will have done a complete survey of the premises and know that the level of security provided will meet the most exacting standards. It means that you can get cover at the same time as you book space and that is certainly one less problem to think about.

You will want flexibility so that the cover is tailored to your needs and adaptable to any changes through the period of rental. You are likely to find that the excess on a specially tailored policy will be less than a standard home policy. This has been a particularly bad winter in many areas because of the problems of flooding. The South West has been the worst hit area but the Thames has breached its banks as well, so badly that it has caused problems to a rugby team whose pitches have been flooded.

Anti flood

Weybridge Vandals have had to take action, raising funds so that the resultant pitch damage as the waters receded could be repaired. If you are looking to rent space in such areas, you need to know that floods will cause no problems and insurance is one way to combat it. Companies like storagebox.co.uk will be happy to advise you on exactly what you need, their facilities and the absolute security offered.

Flooding is rare, and certainly water getting into buildings even rarer. Fire is an ever present danger however and no one wants to lose irreplaceable belongings. All in all, the best safeguard is insurance and it is likely to be a precondition of renting space. It is surely a sensible move, given you have found suitable premises, to look closely at the insurance cover on offer at the same time.

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