Spiro Latsis and the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation is committed to carrying out the public benefit work of the Latsis family, continuing the important public service legacy of John S. Latsis. With a sense of social responsibility and driven by moral principles as well as humanitarian goals, he continually contributed to his homeland’s betterment and the sustaining of culture and social welfare in Greece. While he founded a number of Foundations, he also did public benefit work in response to specific needs and in response to emergency situations.

The 1980s saw Latsis offer operational and functional equipment to the Greek state’s Ministry of Public Order, Hellenic Police, and to the Greek Fire Department. As a result of his fondness and empathy for the Greek sailors and their families, he made a number of donations in support of the Panhellenic Marine Federation and the Mariners’ Retirement Fund, both of which occurred also in the 1980s. The 90s saw the establishment of the Latsio Elementary School and the initiation of the Latsio Burn Centre project. The eventual transfer of the latter was agreed upon in a donation contract with the Greek state in 1999, with the transfer of the fully equipped hospital occurring in 2005. John S. Latsis also gave the Latsio City Hall Building as a gift to his place of origin in Pyrgos, Ileia.

John S. Latsis


John S. Latsis passed away in 2003, but the Latsis family’s public service work has not ceased or slowed as a result. The family continues to make important contributions. His children, including the now celebrity business man – Spiro John Latsis, have continued his work. In 2005, Spiro Latsis alongside Henrietta, Marianna and Margarita Latsis established the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation. This Foundation has the responsibility of implementing and managing the Latsis family’s public benefit work. Members of the Latsis family are active in the Foundation’s activities, constituting the Supervisory Board. The Foundation focuses its activities on scientific research, culture, social welfare and education.

Funding within Greece


While retaining an international presence, it maintains a geographic focus on funding initiatives within Greece. It designs and implements its own programmes while also financing third-party initiatives. In either case, the Foundation provides both funds and constant support in a broader sense than financial assistance alone, helping to ensure maximal fund utilisation and the creation of synergies. Much time and effort goes into determining which projects are prioritised, using strategic planning and examining society’s true needs to that end.


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