The Different Types of Lawyers You Should Know

There are many different areas of practice for lawyers, and when you begin law school, you may have no idea what field you want to enter. During the first year of school, you will study governmental theories and constitution foundations in the hope that by your second year, you will have a clue about what zone of law you want to practice in. To help you decide, here are a few of the many types of positions available.

Government Lawyer

Government attorneys are part of your state, federal, and local court systems. Each of the governmental agencies in your city or state has a lawyer on staff that works for that agency when needed. Even the local planning board or FBI know which lawyer to call when problems arise.

Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury attorney represents individuals hurt in accidents. From car crashes to construction sites to slip and falls, lawyers like Michael Tawil try to get compensation to right the wrong that was done. These attorneys also defend lawsuits involving personal injury cases, including product liability, defamation, and medical malpractice.

Civil Rights Lawyer

The civil rights lawyer operates inside the law to help individuals keep and fight for their civil rights. When those rights have been broken, the attorney will battle for damages based on the federal and state constitutions. These lawyers exist at both the state and national levels. 

Entertainment Lawyer

Anyone in the showbiz industry has an entertainment lawyer to help process the intricate contracts associated with music, films, and theatrical productions. Clients can include individuals, corporations, or record agencies. These lawyers also work to protect the artist’s intellectual property.

Criminal Law Lawyer

The justice system requires two types of criminal law lawyers – the defense and prosecutors. The prosecuting attorneys are state-appointed lawyers bringing criminal charges. The defense attorney typically represents individuals that are accused of those crimes. There are also public defenders that are hired by the government to represent individuals without the ability to hire one.

Family Law Lawyer

These attorneys specialize in domestic cases of all types. From child custody to divorce to alimony to prenuptial agreements, the family law lawyer can represent either side of the case – but only one side at a time. It is common for this type of attorney to work with other lawyers; for example, he or she would work with a criminal lawyer on a case of domestic violence or child abuse.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

If someone is overwhelmed by debt, a bankruptcy lawyer can help him or her reorganize finances and cancel some bills. The aim is to prevent bankruptcy, but if their client needs to file for solvency, the attorney will negotiate to reduce or eliminate their client’s debts in a court-approved bankruptcy action.

Immigration Lawyer

For people that have a difficult time making it through the complex process of immigration, the immigration lawyer can help. Whether the individual needs assistance getting a green card, obtaining a visa, or understanding the required immigration paperwork, this attorney has the knowledge to assist the immigrant. The immigration lawyer can also defend deportation accusations.

Environmental Lawyer

The Environmental Protection Agency sets standards each year regarding the climate, environment, and ecosystem. The environmental lawyer specializes in understanding and using these laws to work with both the plaintiffs and defendants facing the consequences stemming from violations of the EPA’s guidelines and policies.

With so much diversity in the legal arena, it is easy to see why first-year law students may be undecided about which of the many fields of law they want to pursue. If you are wavering in your choice, use the list above to help you clarify which area best fits you.

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