The Reason You Need Guardrails in Your Life

No, this is not a self-improvement article where the guardrail is a metaphor for self-discipline and falling is really about eating unhealthily and gaining weight. We are talking about real, tangible guardrails. You need them and you didn’t even know it.

That’s right, this is how:


Have you ever been on your own roof? Many renovations unfortunately put us in this precarious position, whether it’s to fix a leak, clean the chimney, or even repair some electrical issues. Investment in roof fall protection solutions including guardrail systems, rigid rail systems, portable solutions can be what saves your life, or that of your contractors, if there was to be a slip. If it’s something that might be a bit pricey to buy for one time use, consider reselling it later or just renting it.

Increase Your Liveable Space

There are plenty of times that a flat rooftop or deck are underutilized because they aren’t safe. Putting up a guardrail system can add value to your home as it expands your outdoor living space. There are many different styles to choose from, varying in materials, height, and their utility. Remember to consider the weight, as you don’t want to compromise the structural integrity of the area you are transforming.

Keep Kids (and pets) In

Sometimes it’s just about containing the fun, whether that refers to rowdy students or to grazing goats. Portable guardrails can be used in a variety of situations and be used to make a temporary “corral” or playpen for whoever you need to keep in a particular space. From keeping lineups from going wild and avoiding having your livestock overgraze on your property, it can be a staple that you can use over and over again. Think about it- those stair gates that keep kids from climbing them are really just little guardrails!


Keep Them Out

Fences can be a little over the top when you just want to keep those neighborhood pooches from peeing on your prize-winning garden. Most times, even a small guardrail or ornamental fence is enough to deter pets and even pedestrians from “wandering” onto your property. It’s an extra step that they need to take to get inside, and in the case of trespassing or robbery, they usually go for the path of least resistance- and hopefully that means a different property! Besides, there are times like when you are redoing your driveway that even you need a barrier to remind you that “you can’t touch that”!


Organize that!

Ever tried to pile up extra pipes or even firewood in the garage against the wall? Unless you are amazing at Tetris or want to tie everything together with rope, you are going to be cursing the day that you ever considered doing this. These kinds of things like to roll and fall down, putting all your time and effort to waste. If you put a guardrail up and even secure it further with some mesh between the slats, you can literally pin the items against the wall, keeping them from rolling all over the place. It’s also easy to remove items that have been stored in this way, something that’s key when you plan on taking things out and putting new ones in frequently, as the case with firewood.

Guardrails are nothing new, they are truly just little fences. However, all these applications for them makes us realize that we haven’t been using them as much as we should be. There is a lot to be gained by just putting up a physical barrier, even if it’s not a wall. Whether you achieve safety, control, or just a better defined space, it could be worth investing in a variety of guardrail systems to reap maximum value. From portable to permanent, plain to decorative, it’s time for you to explore the possibilities and how they can be integrated into your day to day life.


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