Three Fun Marketing Strategies for Startups

So, you came up with an idea that you believe in, and you were brave enough to turn that idea into a real business. Now what? Obviously, there are numerous administrative duties that you must attend to just to keep your doors open. However, don’t forget that if people are going to patronize your business, they have to know it exists. When marketing your company, you don’t have to limit yourself to conventional methods like newspaper ads and radio blurbs. Keep reading for some ideas about how you can do justice to your company’s extraordinary nature by using clever advertising.

1. Product Demonstrations

One way that you can both advertise your products’ capabilities and grab the attention of potential customers is by doing product demonstrations. People love a good show, so you should come up with and master a captivating routine that you can perform with ease. You can go through your routine at an industry expo, a county fair, or even local tourist destinations. As long as you can gather a crowd, you have an opportunity to make a big splash.

However, product demonstrations do not have to be limited to real-life advertising situations. You can advertise to larger audiences by making videos of your demonstrations and sharing them online. For example, Hampton Creek has over 160 videos on YouTube that show delicious recipes being made using the company’s products as primary ingredients. From mouthwatering desserts to healthy snacks, they show you how to prepare just about any kind of dish. It is a simple tactic, but by the time you finish watching your first video you will be halfway out the door to stock your fridge with some new goodies.

2. Free Giveaways

Nothing gets people excited like the prospect of free stuff. If you provide your potential customers with swag, they will remember you. Free samples often lead to increased business because customers feel subconsciously obligated to reciprocate what has been given to them. Every time you give away free stuff, you will probably end up with a handful of new customers, at least some of whom will become loyal to your products and company.
If you are concerned about the potential financial consequences of giving away free products, remember that any initial costs will be well worth the ultimate benefits. You can usually buy inexpensive swag items in bulk, and you will earn money back in droves from increased business. You do not have to settle for generic materials, either. Have fun coming up with memorable slogans that will keep customers talking and business booming. Whether you give away free t-shirts or free cookies, you are sure to endear yourself to the public.

3. User-Generated Content

According to Forbes, user-generated content is one of the best advertising models of 2016. In this type of marketing, customers use social media and other digital outlets to advertise their use of products they love. For example, the “Share a Coke with…” campaign was and is wildly popular because people get a kick out of finding cans of Coke with their loved ones’ names printed on them. Because of the personal component, people are naturally drawn not only to purchase the sodas, but also to share pictures of themselves drinking them.

Even though user-generated content is basically free to the company being advertised, it resonates with customers on a personal level, which gives it the potential to go viral. Done correctly, user-generated content campaigns are almost guaranteed to create buzz about the products in question. These campaigns can also be used as avenues for holding contests, raffles, and giveaways, all of which enhance the customer service even further.

Take the Fun Road

Taxes, payrolls, and rental fees are inevitable duties of running a business, but they are not much fun. While there is no way to avoid the more menial aspects of keeping your company on track, you can take the opportunity to make the more flexible aspects even more fun than usual. You will keep your personal morale intact while breathing new life into your business.
The previous examples are just a few of many ways that you can make your company’s advertisements fun for you to create and fun for your customers to consume. Play around with these ideas to make them work for your situation. Who knows? You might just come up with a brilliant marketing scheme that is the key to your startup’s success.

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