Top Careers for Recent College Grads

Your post-college career will not always be easy. Acround 53 percent of college graduates will be unemployed or working jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree after graduation, but that’s not entirely the case in all fields of study. Some degrees and fields of work are easier to get into on the ground floor, with some occupations even being flexible on which degrees they’ll accept for certain positions.


Those first few years are tough post-college, but they don’t have to be spent working retail. You can take an online learning self-assessment to help you determine what form of education and career might work best for your case. Here’s also a few of the top careers that recent grads should consider pursuing.


Sales associate


A popular field that many recent graduates flock to after turning their tassel is sales. Being such a large industry and one vital to the success of many businesses, there’s quite a bit of job security in the sales field. According to Payscale, the average sales associate’s salary is approximately $43,000. This salary would most definitely cover the cost of living for a young professional on top of any student debt or other loans for which they have to account. Since this job relies heavily on communication skills, many different majors could apply for these jobs aside from your typical business degrees. A theater major could even thrive in a sales environment.


Administrative assistant


Another easy job for a recent grad is administrative work. Every office needs someone who can answer phone calls, keep track of inventory, manage office calendars and schedules, and just ensure the overall function of an office space. Most administrative jobs require a bachelor’s degree, but not necessarily in a particular field. They focus their hiring process more on skills that can be learned in a multitude of ways and not on what degree you have.


Account manager


Similar to sales but more present in the fields of marketing and business development, account managers are an easy field in which recent graduates can find entry-level work. With a higher median salary of all careers paths listed here, account managers make approximately $59,000. Since this job entails working with client accounts and different business, this job offers the opportunity for the young professional to network within the industry.


Research assistant


For those with a more science-oriented background, a research assistant is a great field to pursue post-college. Though these jobs are historically underpaid, they are also often held with universities and state institutions, meaning there is some job security and really good benefits involved.


Data analyst


For those more inclined to using mathematics, statistics, and technology, a great first job to get your foot in the door is as a data analyst. With a starting salary around $50,000 and an average pay of $68,000, this field values all with a numbers-based mind. Since math is known as the “language of the universe,” many different degrees in math, computer science, or the sciences in general could succeed in this role.


Social media manager


For those with a strong sense of social skills and communication, social media management would be a great starting career for you. Since many individuals can acquire strong social and communicative skills through numerous ways, any degree could thrive in this kind of work. Not to mention, most career paths will require the use of a social media account for business, so someone with a chemistry background and penchant for snappy social media captions, for example, could manage social platforms for a pharmaceuticals company.




A great field for a recent graduate, especially one with a desire to help others, is in hospice. Working in hospice, you can use the skills you acquired as a nursing or education student and positively impact the lives of others. Not to mention, hospice employment benefits are lucrative and can make your standard of living better.

When it comes to choosing a career path, you’ll want one with a good salary, available positions, and one that is rewarding in more ways than one. These options are great for graduates seeking entry-level jobs, but if you’re on the fence, schedule a meeting with your career advisor to find a position that’s right for you.

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