What to Do If You Lose Your Job

Losing your job is devastating. It is completely normal for most people to need a moment to gather their thoughts after a job loss. Take a minute to get a breath of fresh air, and when you’re ready to look into your options, start by looking into unemployment benefits.


File For Unemployment

Not everyone that loses their job qualifies for unemployment benefits, and if you fit into this category, you are not alone. Not all employers pay into unemployment benefits for all of their workers, which causes some employees to be ineligible for unemployment benefits. You can find out if you qualify for unemployment by checking your paystub or W2 to see if your employer has been paying for unemployment benefits, or you can simply call the HR department of your former employer and ask directly. You can also apply for unemployment benefits to see if you qualify. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of employees who wouldn’t normally qualify for benefits have been granted them.

Search for Unclaimed Money

If you’ve moved to different states or have lost touch with relatives, you may find out that you’re able to receive some money that is owed to you. If there are checks in your name that have been lost in the mail or if you’re the beneficiary to a relative’s estate, you can still claim the funds! Simply perform an unclaimed money search. You never know if you have extra money lying out there waiting for you. This would definitely be the time to claim your money!

Start Searching For Another Job

After losing your job, there isn’t a set time that you have to start searching for a new one. There are a lot of jobs out there waiting for you, including work from home jobs if you’re willing to set up an in-home office. There are an abundance of in-home call center jobs, which are outsourced in order to save money on office space. These jobs typically require you to have a noise-canceling headset, a computer, and an internet connection. When job searching, double check that the listings for these kinds of work from home jobs are legitimate.

Look into Income Protection Insurance

Once you’ve found another job, you should seriously consider looking into income protection insurance. If you decide to become self-employed and want the option of having a sick day once in a while, then income insurance is a good option for you. If you get another job and believe that an extended furlough or sick leave would mean that you can’t pay your bills, you should consider getting income insurance. Compare income protection insurance with iSelect to ensure that you find the best income protection insurance policy. You should compare insurance policies for the best value you’ll get for the money. Protect your family and your well being by getting income insurance when you’ve become re-employed.


The earlier you can get your unemployment claim in, the earlier they will process the claim. If you don’t qualify for unemployment, or even if you do, you should look up any unclaimed money that may be in your name! You never know what someone could have left you!

Once you’ve gotten back on your feet, look into income protection insurance. Even if you’re planning on becoming self-employed, income protection insurance can help you provide for yourself and your family should you ever need to take a sick day or weeks of sick leave. Regain control of your work life and start your re-employment plan today!

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