What to Look for in a Commercial Refrigeration System Repair Service

For shop owners, restaurateurs and food service providers, few things are more costly than a failed refrigeration system. Not only can your entire stock be destroyed, the loss of reputation among your customers could potentially set your business back by years.

The importance of having a reliable fridge and freezer repair service on hand to deal with any problems can not be overstated. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a quality refrigeration repair service.

What is the Average Waiting Time?

It is only natural that your fridges and freezers will encounter problems as they get older. Seals, fans, compressors and other components will deteriorate over time, while timers and temperature control units may malfunction occasionally. While these may not constitute emergency repairs, it is reasonable to expect them to be fixed within a day or two. It is a good idea to confirm maximum expected waiting times with any repair service you are considering.

Do They Provide an Emergency Service?

If you are running older equipment you should plan for the possibility that your refrigeration unit or system may fail completely. To eliminate the risk of your stock spoiling, try to find a repair company that provides an emergency service with a guaranteed response time to suit your business needs. While a well sealed, full freezer should keep food frozen for at least a day, stock in display fridges will keep for just a few hours even if you keep the doors closed, so a quick turnaround time may be essential.

Can They Service Your Refrigeration Equipment?

A good fridge and freezer repair service should have the know-how and spare parts to complete any job as quickly as possible, especially when it comes to more well-known brands of fridges and freezers. If you are running more specialist equipment, however, it may be wise to confirm that they can service and repair your particular make and model. If you are in doubt, present any potential repair service with scenarios or specific problems that may arise in your business to confirm how long a complete repair might take.

Does The Service Have a Good Track Record?

When it comes to commercial refrigeration repair services it pays to do your research. Word of mouth, testimonials and online research can all help you get an idea of the quality of service they provide. If a company has a poor track record you will likely hear about it. Also consider how long they have been in business, whether they can provide references from other clients, whether they provide guarantees, and whether staff have received full, professional training.

Will They Outline All of Your Options?

Very often a broken or inefficient refrigeration unit will need only minor repairs or maintenance to get it back to perfect running order. Be wary of services that push you towards replacing expensive parts or recommend that you replace relatively new equipment entirely. A reliable service provider should outline all of your options while advising you on the best maintenance schedule to maximise the longevity of your fridges and freezers.

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