When to Let Judgy People Judge

We all live with it: Moms. Celebrities. Bosses. Kids. We live knowing that we are being constantly judged by others. It could be what we are wearing, what we are doing, what we’re NOT doing, and the list goes on and on.

Though we are taught not to, we often fall into the trap of living our lives in a way where the consensus of the “judgers” is positive. That could mean going into a prestigious career direction, dressing a certain way, and even spending money in a way that appeases everyone. Opinions might end up being divided, however, one thing is always true; that’s not the way to live.

Apart from trivial matters, here are a few things that you should do despite having people judge you:

Spending Money

“Oh look, they have a new car – they must be loaded”, or “going on vacation again? I thought that they are still renting!” Everyone has their own set of priorities when it comes to spending, so don’t worry about what others might say. If traveling the world is your greatest dream, who cares if your house is paid off or if you can’t afford a car. Money is for spending, so as long as you are responsible in the sense that you don’t have overwhelming debt and a plan to eliminate it, how you choose to use it is your decision only.


How you look should be an expression of how you feel inside. If you want to dress in vintage finds, or alternatively, think that off-the-runway styles are wearable art, it’s up to you to do it. If you prize comfort above all else, that what you should wear. Though your job might require for you to wear a uniform or adhere to a dress code, once you’re out, go as wild or simple as you like.

Body Image

Whether you’re athletic, slim, pleasantly plump, or anything in between, don’t let the judgement of others affect your decisions. Just like you can let your hair slowly turn to gray instead of dyeing it, you can equally decide to use Botox injections of relaxing facial muscles that cause expression lines. Your body is your own and you are the only person that should be pleased with how it looks.


We went from a nation that turned up our noses at “unhealthy fast foods” to one that thinks that those “hippy granola munchers” are obnoxious with their vegan slow food restaurants. We are lucky to live in a society where there is a large variety of food options, whether you decide to cook yourself or eat out. Be your own judge of what’s good and what’s not, pleasing no other taste buds but your own.


Let’s face it: parenting is hard. There is no one guidebook and you don’t get a trial run. Children can be finicky and nothing is more humiliating than knowing you are being judged for your parenting skills while you kid has a tantrum in the middle of a fancy restaurant. Forget the shame and know that your best is good enough. There’s only so much you can do, and in situations where everything falls apart, focus on the situation on hand, not on what people are thinking. It will help you make better decisions that will likely end up resolving the issue instead of aggravating it further!

You only have one life and you are the master of how you decide to live it. Don’t let the opinions of others stop you from having the life that you dreamed of or going by your personal rules.


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