Why Businesses Needs to Have Instagram-Worthy Interiors (and How to Create One!)

As a business owner, you can use social media to boost your sales as it gives you an opportunity to connect and get to know your target market a bit more. In addition to that, the use of social media is also one good way for you to introduce your products and services to your clients. Because of this, it has become the best platform that you can use in advertising and expanding the reach of your business nowadays.

The Rise of Instagram-Worthy Businesses

Instagram is the most popular social platform that we have today. These days, everyone is posting pictures of beautiful stores, well designed interiors, cute corners and charming decors of various establishments. And when people see these photos, it would inspire them to visit that café, restaurant, bar or shopping area so that they can snap a photo of it and post them in their accounts. Thanks to this growing trend, businesses have found an effective and affordable way to advertise their products and services.

The more Instagrammable your place is, the more people will take photos of it and more people will be inspired to visit it. This gives you higher chances of turning visitors into paying customers and ultimately, convert paying customers to become loyal customers.

How to Create Instagram-Worthy Interiors for Your Business

And so, if you want the news about your business to spread and you want to boost your business’ online presence, the best option that you have is to make your stores and space as Instagram-worthy as possible. Here are some tips on how to achieve this feat:

  • Incorporate your branding strategically.

No matter how advanced the technology already is, there’s one fact that remains—your branding should still be your priority. And if you want people to see your brand, you should place a visual nod to your brand in all the corners of your store that you consider as Instagram worthy.

You can place a sign with your logo in these corners. You can also try creating a hashtag which you can place in your mirrors and walls.

  • Create a selfie spot.

These days, when there are mirrors (especially if they are cute and intricately designed ones), people must take a selfie! So if you can’t find a way to make your displays look Instagram worthy, it is a must that you designate a selfie spot, preferably with a cute mirror in it. You can shop from a huge selection of modern mirrors that can make your clients want to take a selfie. At this Instagram age, you can certainly find one that can suit your store design.

  • Take lighting seriously.

These days, you should not just focus on a lighting strategy that can showcase your products right. You also need to create a lighting effect that would be beneficial for taking photographs. If your store does not have much natural light in it, opt for amber-colored lighting. Fluorescent lights tend to become too bright and won’t make people look photogenic.

  • Have your accent wall.

As mentioned above, we are a selfie generation, and wherever there is a cute backdrop, people cannot resist the temptation to take a selfie. And that’s the very reason why you need to have an accent wall in your store (and make sure to incorporate your logo, slogan or hashtag in the wall so people can know where to find it!). Rest assured, people, will take a selfie before they head out your store (hopefully with a satisfied tummy or a few shopping bags on hand!)

Keep in mind, though, your aim is not just to create lots of product displays so people can post it on Instagram. Instead, your primary goal is to create an interesting space that your target market will want to explore and discover. With the design tips mentioned above, you can do that!


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