Deanna Deveney Discusses Tips for Women in the Workplace

Women have made significant steps in the working environment in recent history. Presently, most women have a positive encounter, are very much regarded, and have created a wide assortment of options for themselves. Sadly, women are not yet paid equivalent to men, and many struggle with encountering open doors as effectively as men do. Consequently, considering the experiences of women in the workplace is critical. Deanna Deveney has set a model for women to succeed in their profession.


Center around Education and Training Deanna Deveney


Deanna Deveney believes women should zero in on their education and training. Although everybody needs to have the proper preparation, this is especially significant for women who might not have an easy connection to get in the door. The necessary education, combined with the ability to find an opportunity in a competitive market, is a recipe for success. Deanna Deveney has likewise recommended utilizing the connections you have made through your schooling to open doors. Frequently, individuals you meet along the process will recognize your strengths and give you an open door.


Step up to the plate


Women shouldn’t hesitate to chip in for projects and voice their viewpoints. Speaking up for themselves and being advocates for themselves will serve women. That is precisely what occurred with Deanna Deveney. She never hesitated to contribute her opinion or offer solutions to problems. Oftentimes women take a back seat due to intimidation and the status quo but Deanna Deveney suggests going against the grain and taking initiative with no fear only drive.


Be Confident


Confidence will also serve women well in the workplace. Reluctance is an inherent part of life, but acknowledging your strengths and expertise will help women advance in their respective career fields. Knowing your strengths is important, but knowing where you need to improve is just as important, says Deveney. Being able to capitalize on what you know and thrive on, while working on your weaknesses will always result in a better version of yourself.


Be Collaborative


Working with various people with varying personalities is inevitable in any workplace. However, adapting and collaborating with your team, superiors, and stakeholders makes all the difference in excelling within the workplace. There will always be differing opinions and mindsets. “God gave you two ears and one mouth, so listen twice as much as you speak,” is something that Deanna Deveney believes in.  Setting an excellent example for behaving and operating in the workplace will set you up for success.

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