How and Why to Be a Smarter Spender

Everyone enjoys buying some new clothes and a new pair of shoes. Plus everyone can definitely say they enjoy eating a nice meal out. All of that is ok, but doing it everyday is not. There are many ways in which you could be saving more and spending less with little to no effort. If you think you could be spending smarter and want to know how keep reading for some helpful tips and wise suggestions.

The most important tip to spending smarter is being aware of why you are spending. There are many things you need to spend money on during your daily life in order to survive. This may include food, transportation, and clothing. However, there are probably things you are purchasing that do not need to survive. Those type of items should be thought of as luxuries or non-necessities. These are the type of items you should be more cautious when purchasing because those purchases can add up.

The next time you head out to buy a luxury item ask yourself a few questions first. How often will I use this item (if it is no perishable)?  Does this item have any time of re-sale value if I decide I know longer want it? How will I benefit from this purchase? All of these questions are important when making a decision. Be honest when answering them and you will be happy with your decision in the long run.

If what you are considering buying is perishable, then some additional tips are handy. Everyone loves to eat out now and again and enjoy some tasty take out instead of cooking at home. Unfortunately the costs of doing so can really add up especially if you are getting delivery. Try to limit yourself to only eating out a few times a week. Plus, try to see if the restaurant you are interested in has any current promotions. That way you can save and have food cooked for you, it is a win-win!

That leads us into another great way to spend smarter by using coupons and promo codes when possible. Many stores consistently have different offers that can help you save on day to day purchases. If you are a big online shopper definitely download the Honey plugin. Honey is practically a huge collector of coupons and applies the best one when you are at checkout. Not only is it super convenient and saves you time, but it also saves you money. How great is that?

Sometimes you will come across expenses that you cannot just cut out of your life, but you can be smarter when you spend on these types of purchases. For example, if you are in search of a car, whether it be used or new it is probably a good idea to browse through a variety of options. That way you can find the car you want for the best price. You can do this all online at You can search by make, model, mileage, exterior color, and so much more all from your desk or on your couch. Plus if you are looking to make some money by selling your car, has a section for that too. You can sell your car directly to a dealer for the price you want or you can create a classified ad on the website. Either route you choose, they help you along the way!

Another great thing to do if you are trying to spend smarter is keeping track of your spending. Sometimes people do not even realize how much money they spend in a week. There are some great applications that are free for smartphones that can help with tracking spending. One great app is called Dollar Limit. Dollar Limit allows you to set a limit for yourself and reminds you to stay within it. One more great app is called Mint. It is similar to Dollar Limit, but links with your accounts. That way you can really see what is going on with your spending. The best is both apps are free!


Overall saving in little ways can really add up in the long run. Try to switch up eating out for eating in and not buying things just because you want to. Think about what is useful and buy those items first, but do not just cut everything. Try to be savvy when possible and know when it is important to compare prices.


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