How Can A Lawyer Help In The Aftermath Of A Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury is a type of severe wound that can alter the normal life course of an individual. These injuries might occur without any prior intimation and often tag along with long-term effects. While there are instances of people recovering from such injuries, the process is a prolonged one. Even after recovering, the sufferer fails to either attain or retain employment causing lower financial standing. Generally, a catastrophic injury leads to monetary costs exceeding $250000 consisting of medical expenses, wage loss, etc. Such injuries can adversely impact the family members of the sufferer as it calls for round-the-clock health care. Today we are going to take a look at the common types of catastrophic injuries and also advise regarding how an attorney can assist in such a scenario.


Types Of Catastrophic Injuries

  • A spinal cord injury causing a significant paralysis of the arm, leg, or trunk.
  • A closed head injury or severe brain injury leading to massive disturbance in motor or sensory skills, general communication ability, an episodic neurological disorder, or the ability to retain consciousness. 
  • Amputation of an arm, hand, leg, or foot making a person handicapped.
  • Complete industrial blindness.
  • Second or third-degree burns over at least 5% of a person’s face or hand, or one-quarter of a person’s body. 
  • Other types of injury whose severity and nature obstruct the worker from performing the tasks he performed previously. 


Help From Professional Attorney


Victims of catastrophic injuries are advised to file a personal injury claim for recovering the financial and emotional expenses caused by the incident. The settlements in such cases are paid by the insurance companies rather than the guilty party. This is why the insurance companies adopt various means of denying or limiting the claims. A catastrophic injury attorney can assist sufferers by ensuring that the insurance company pays the justified claim. 

The insurance companies usually propose lump sum settlements which can take care of the medical bills. However, they are not adequate for covering the long-term costs associated with such injuries. A personal injury lawyer possesses adequate subject knowledge and can help the sufferer get the rightful monetary compensation for the damages. These experts work in collaboration with actuaries, auditors, and other monetary experts for calculating the economic damages. 

Determining the future financial burdens related to therapies, treatments, and medical expenses can be an extremely challenging task. However, personal injury lawyers are adept in this department. They can also calculate non-economic damages taking the emotional turmoil, suffering, and pain of the victim and their family into account. Attorneys ensure that the party whose negligence caused such incidents in the first place is held accountable so that such behavior is deterred from happening in the future.  

Final Words

The permanent nature of injuries inflicted by such events makes the sufferer unable to resume his normal work. Often people fail to take care of the basic needs of themselves and their families in the aftermath of such an injury. Over time, their relationships with loved ones change drastically and they might even have to give up on hobbies which they once cherished. As sufferers are prevented from enjoying the small joys of life, they can have a mental or emotional breakdown. 

Handling catastrophic injuries requires the assistance of an experienced attorney. A professional can come to your aid by reviewing your medical files, assessing the seriousness of the injuries suffered, and consulting expert witnesses. This can offer sufferers an accurate accounting of their monetary damages. You can learn more about the best catastrophic injury attorney in Las Vegas by clicking on the before-mentioned link. 

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