How to Enhance Your Amazon Prime Instant Video Experience

Amazon Prime allows you to access videos, ebooks, music, free shipping, and other kinds of Amazon-specific services. According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), 52% of all Amazon users are now Prime members. And the subscriptions keep growing each year.

Amazon Prime Video has a stock of on-demand movies and TV shows. If you have had the chance to experience it, then you know how great the service is. But do you know that it can even be greater? Here are different ways you can further enhance your Amazon Prime Instant Video Experience:

One: Download videos.

Unlike its competitors, Amazon Prime gives its members the chance to download shows and movies, so they can view them offline. If you are someone who usually flies somewhere or goes on trips to remote areas where the Wi-Fi is slow or non-existent, then you’ll be able to appreciate this feature fully.

To download a video, you just have to click the download button. You don’t have to closely monitor the download progress as Amazon Prime will notify you once it is finished.

Two: Use VPN to watch videos.

According to Variety, Amazon Prime has four times more movies than Netflix. It is definitely more comprehensive than all other online media streaming services. So how can you browse through their thousands of video titles at a faster speed and access the service from anywhere in the world? The answer is simple; you use a VPN for Amazon Prime.

Virtual Private Network or VPN is one great way to anonymize your location and encrypt your data. With it, you can access over 100 server locations and stream Amazon Instant Videos that are subscription-based. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about it lagging or losing access to your account when you are overseas.

Three: Share your membership.

Previously, Amazon Prime allows its members to share their account with four other people within the family. However, the company has found that their members are actually sharing the account with their friends as well. To remedy this problem, they’ve reduced the number to one.

Sharing your account with only one adult does not really appeal to those who have a lot of family members and friends. So what do you do? Well, you can take advantage of Prime Video’s other sharing feature. Since you can access Prime videos across different devices, you can register the device of your friend or family under your account.

Four: Explore X-Ray.

You may or may not know this, but Amazon actually owns IMDb. IMDb gives Amazon a platform to collect information about several films and the actors. Thus, it is easy for the company to form the central synergy hub, X-Ray.

With X-Ray, you can get information about the filmmakers, actors, music, and other kinds of trivia while you are watching a show. This is the perfect feature for filmophiles!

Five: Turn off autoplay.

One of the little annoyances with Amazon Prime Video is the “Next Up” feature. This may have been made with good intent. However, it drapes the screen in gray just when an episode is about to end, and a countdown clock begins to tick. Though you can’t disable this feature, you can, however, deactivate autoplay so that the next episode will not begin automatically.


There are many ways for you to enjoy your Amazon Prime Instant Video Experience better. You just need to explore its different features.

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