Kevin Mulleady Discusses Medical Advancements Today

Kevin Mulleady Talks Medical Developments

Entrepreneur Kevin Mulleady has witnessed a lot happening in the medical industry today. His newest company Altru-Sciences is a life sciences company on a quest for treatments for people with unmet needs, and it’s given Mulleady a unique perspective on the industry at large. He weighs in on what’s happening and how the board of his company is working in the right direction.

Where Is Medicine Going?

Kevin Mulleady has seen medicine become more inclusive over the years. Startups and conglomerate companies alike are considering how they can bring quality care to people from all over the world, regardless of their social standing or what condition they suffer from. This idea is the root of Altru-Sciences. As a life sciences company, its leaders look for ways to increase healthcare access to people who might not have had other options before.

What’s New and Now?

The medical industry is being dominated by technology discussions. Patients may wonder if a doctor will be performing their surgery or a surgical robot. They may search for cutting-edge devices online that promise to lower their blood pressure, help them understand more about their genetic predispositions, or manage their diabetes.

Advancements in the medical industry are sometimes labeled as revolutionary when they ultimately don’t make much difference in terms of patient care. Whether it’s because the product or services over promise or simply because the advancement is not accessible, Kevin Mulleady is focused more on practical applications.

Pressing the Boundaries

The medical industry is trying to bypass many of the old constraints of traditional solutions. It starts with the premise that what’s available today doesn’t do enough to meet the needs of patients. For instance, instead of accepting that a procedure or pill is the best way to treat cancer, the industry looks past the problem to a very different future.

This is what’s so exciting for anyone who’s a part of Altru-Sciences. Leaders like Mulleady are trying to find the edge in modern conversations about how we approach disorders — particularly those that are rare or otherwise unseen in the public eye. From platform technologies to vaccines, the company salutes the developments taking place in other sectors of the industry and contributes to the body of knowledge with its own discoveries and products.

Picking Up the Reins

There are a lot of questions in healthcare today, made possible by everything from a fractured insurance system to the variety of ways in which providers approach the same problem. It all boils down to the question of why some people get better treatment than others.

Kevin Mulleady would say that it’s not just money that matters here. Rare conditions are often passed over in terms of funding and research, which means there might not be any treatment available (let alone a ‘best’ treatment). In certain parts of the world, some therapies are banned because they’re either misunderstood or without the resources necessary to get them off the ground.

Altru-Sciences is known for identifying where these disconnects are, why they exist in the first place, and how they can be broken down so patients don’t have to go through the nightmare of being told that there’s nothing doctors can do.

Altru-Sciences in Action

Kevin Mulleady, has big plans for his company, Altru-Sciences, particularly now that health is now on everyone’s radar. The company will continue to look for unserved niches in the market, so they can provide the solutions that work.


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